Here Are the Best Shoes for an 80 Year Old Woman

Here Are the Best Shoes for an 80 Year Old Woman

We all can’t imagine staying an entire day without any sneakers or shoes. People of all ages need shoes thus this article on shoes for 80 year old women. This is the most complicated and crucial age mainly because the feet-heel interaction or collaboration becomes weaker. This article will give you pointers on how to select the best footwear for 80 year old women.

Top 5 Best Shoes for 80 Year Old Woman

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After analyzing the local market places and stores, we came up with a list of the top 5 shoes that are suited for 80 year old women. Since women of this age tend to ail from several orthopedic diseases such as ankle ache, osteoarthritis, knee sprain/pain, trauma amongst other diseases, we conducted research on these issues and found that the products below were best suited for them.

#1. Sketchers Pursuit Women’s Walking Shoe

This shoe is designed with a soft cushioned structure as well as breathable mesh fabrics. It’s a great pair of footwear for an 80-year-old woman who ailing from arthritis, diabetes, knee ache and gout.

Sketchers Pursuit Women’s Walking Shoe


Special Features

  • No laces
  • Flat rubber outsoles
  • Comfy design lined from 100% bamboo
  • Soft breathable walls and cushioned insoles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Weight of 3 lbs
  • Perfect for walking
  • Dimensions: 11 by 4 by 7 inches


  • Sizes: 9
  • Material: 100 percent full-grain synthetic construction
  • Sole: bamboo lined, durable rubber

Fit & Feel

The shoes fit flawlessly especially on the heels without giving you any stress. You will not require socks. The inner walls and insoles are very comfy with enough cushioning to support external stress and pressures. However, since older people require shoes that are softly cushioned, making this is the perfect performer for 80-year-old women.


  • Affordable price range
  • Wider toe box
  • Integrity boosted and proven
  • Well-made mesh upper
  • High arches
  • Superb customer care


  • Very lightweight for obese women, thus not supportive


Older women are required to wear cozy footwear. Sketchers’ pursuit is very popular because of the way they manufacture their footwear. Many of their products happen to be ergonomic, eco-friendly, classic and new. This paradigm shoe is highly recommended for 80-year-old women who weigh about 180 lbs. it is not suited for fat or plump women.

#2. Propet Women’s Tour Walker Shoe

Brooks’ ghost running footwear are designed with a unique feature of assorted colors. The numerous colors are unimaginable and cannot be described here. You can even customize the colors as you choose. Designed from imported leather alongside a lacey structure which is great for a pretty firm grip on the heels.

Propet Women’s Tour Walker Shoe


Special Features

  • 100% imported leather
  • Lacey structure
  • Catchy upper design
  • Cushioned insoles
  • Thick, flexible rubber soles
  • Low arch
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Dimensions: 12 by 8 by 4 inches


Size: 5-12

Material: 100% pure imported leather

Sole: outsoles made of rubber

Fit & Feel

Comfortability depends on the shoe’s sweat control, softness, sustainability and breathing which are featured in this walker shoe. Since most older women require shoes with a comfy feel, this one is the perfect choice for them. In addition, the shoe can be used for regular exercising and running. It not only provides a warm feel during cold weather, it’s also a great choice for hot, sunny weather.


  • Balance support shoes
  • Medicated sneakers
  • Wider toe box
  • Elderly women love it
  • Removable footbed


  • Expensive
  • Hard, stiff outsoles


This shoe is highly recommended for 80-year-old women with diabetes, knee trauma, obesity, arthritis and ankle cracks. The soft cushioning on the insoles are very helpful to senior people in their daily walks, exercises and general usage. However, the outsole is pretty stiff and hard but is durable and perfect for sloppy roads.

#3. Merrell Women’s Encore Fashion Sneaker

The structure of this sneaker is very lightweight with a breathable mesh technology. The Merrell encore fashion sneakers are suited for walking, hiking, working as well as casual usage. Design includes rubber soles which are thicker and very flexible. Quite affordable with a lot of facilities.

Merrell Women’s Encore Fashion Sneaker


Special Features

  • Thicker soles
  • Suede upper (100%)
  • Lots of catchy colors
  • No laces
  • 100% imported leather
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 10 by 15 by 6 inches


Size: 5-10

Material: breathable suede leather

Sole: cushioned inner footbed, rubber outsoles

Fit & Feel

This shoe is designed specifically to be used for adventures and for medical purposes. Majority of 80-year-old women experience a lot of physical challenges such as knee joint pains, sprains, ankle strain, gout, marrow decay etc. With this flexible shoe, they can now feel soothed and elegant at the same time. The sizes are diverse and can fit any 80-year-old woman.


  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable for all sizes
  • Great slip
  • Supportive arch
  • Warm and cozy during cold weather


  • Costly
  • Hard footbed not suitable for softer ankles
  • Narrow heels


The shoe is available in superb and elegant colors providing a fabulous appearance. The hard rubber outsoles are perfect for protecting the wearer from external strains and pressure. Designed from breathable suede that tightens that shoe properly. Has a great traction system which ensures that there is mass support especially for obese people. This pair of shoes is recommended precisely for 80-year-old women.

#4. Orthofeet Proven Arch Support Women’s Shoe

This shoe is made from leather and is perfect for women of all ages. It is lightweight, has a simple design and is very affordable. Designed with a smart Velcro strap that attaches the shoe to the feet. This shoe was mainly designed for medical purposes. It’s the most loved shoe for 80-year-old women because of its medical features and simplicity.

Orthofeet Proven Arch Support Women’s Shoe


Special Features

  • Great heel height
  • Wider heels
  • 100% imported leather
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Best for foot pain, bunions, diabetes and orthopedic
  • Gel padding (heels)
  • Excellent remedy for hammertoes
  • Weight: 1.6 oz
  • Dimensions: 1 by 1 by 1 inch


Size: 5-13 W

Material: 100% imported leather

Sole: gel-padded heels

Fit & Feel

This shoe designed specifically for women and is meant to fit their unique feet muscles as well as shape. Available in diverse sizes ranging from thin to thick heels which provide a perfect fit for all ages. The shoe is highly recommended for women of 80 years since it is ergonomic and classic providing the wearer with a gentle and sweet feeling throughout the day.


  • Perfect fit on the heels
  • Great swelling features
  • Durable rubber outsoles
  • Perfect shoe for orthopedic patients
  • Sustainable longevity sneakers


  • Expensive


These are the best medicated sneakers/shoes. The shoe is highly recommended for obese women ailing from gout or arthritis. It is only recommended for senior women experiencing different osteopath diseases.

#5. Propet Stability X Strap Sneaker

This is the perfect shoe for an 80-year old woman thanks to its comfortability and user values. It has soft insoles which are fabulous and its ergonomic design assist in the stability of older people. Available on various colors and sizes made by the manufacturer. However, there are also customized sneakers and shoes that also come in handy.

Propet Stability X Strap Sneaker


Special Features

  • Cushioned and comfortable insoles
  • 100% leather and synthetic design
  • Adjustable hook straps
  • Imported synthetic sole
  • EVA arch support
  • Weight: 12 oz
  • Dimensions: 5 by 5 by 0.7 inches


Sizes: 7-17 W

Material: 100% nylon upper mesh

Sole: rubber outsole, gel-padded heel insole, EVA midsole

Fit & Feel

The shoe has the most diverse sizes ranging from 7 to 17 wide. Although it is meant for men, it can also be used by women. It has supportive arches that are low rise than the height of the shoe making it easy to be worn. Thanks to the breathable upper mesh, there is enough air circulation for the feet. The rubber outsoles are stiff enough providing more support to the body, plus it is very flexible allowing it to bend without difficulty. The simple Velcro straps provide a comfy and adorable look for elderly people.


  • Easy to put on
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for orthopedics
  • Velcro strap
  • Medicated shoes for the elderly


  • A little expensive


The sneakers are highly recommended for 80-year-old women because majority of elderly women experience weakness, severe obesity or physical trauma at this age. You will rarely see an 80-year-old woman jogging or walking in the morning. Although this pair of shoes is meant for men, we recommend it for women as well.

Things to Consider When Buying Shoes for 80-year-old Women

At this age, women’s feet become dysfunctional, misshaped, flimsy/cumbersome and twisted as they continue aging. The feet consistently transform from their original shape to another one, though this occurs moderately and can hardly be felt. Before buying a specific kind of shoe, there are a number of preludes and pre-suppositions to consider. Here are some of the things to consider when shopping for the perfect pair of shoes for an elderly woman.


This is one of the most significant and basic factors to consider. Make sure you pick the wrong shoe size for comfortability and ease to use. There are various sizes available in commercial centers as well as adaptable highlights. When it comes to 80-year-old women, the shoe sizes vary depending on one’s feet and impact points. There are PC based frameworks used for estimation of shoe sizes that are created and produced. The coordination of feet-body as well as framework are carefully selected ensuring that there are comfortable and properly selected shoe sizes.


The wight of the shoe is very necessary since most elderly people don’t feel comfortable wearing heavier ones. Moreover, lightweight shoes allow for easy movement, are durable, easy to hand an are affordable. Most manufacturers design lightweight shoes for women of 80 years and above because they have very delicate heel structures. The heels of elderly women are lees rigid, less stiff and very fragile. The more breathable the fabric is, the more lightweight the shoe becomes. Therefore, go for breathable upper sneakers or shoes to ensure lightweight.

Sole Construction

The shoe of an 80-year-old woman requires a sole with soft cushioning for heel comfortability. There are two types of soles; insoles and outsoles. Insoles (or inner soles) are constructed from soft rubber, cushioned synthetic or polyester fabrics or spotted light rubber. Since elderly women are heavy enough to be supported by their shoes, the cushioning should be layered and thicker. The outsoles (or outer soles) have to be designed using durable rubber with enough stiffness and flexibility. This ensures that there is perfect traction on and off.

Room Inside

In most cases, bulky heels are better than narrow heels since the feet of an 80-year-old woman are bulky. If the shoe is designed with a narrow heel, it would be impossible and hard to put it on. Before buying a specific shoe, select one with wider heels and avoid those with narrow ones. Also, the spaces/toe box have to be deep and easy for toe flexibility.

Lace or Strap

This is an important aspect to most elderly people. Shoes with bands can be tedious in one way or another for a senior person. Velcro ties are the ideal choice for an 80-year-old person since they are easy to operate. Strong, versatility, simplicity as well as brilliant ties are major features to consider when shopping for shoes for an elderly person. A belt and knuckle framework once in a while for certain shoes won’t be bad.  However, a shoe with a belt knuckle framework becomes delicate after being used for a long time causing the firmness and solidness to decrease. Therefore, Velcro and tie lashes are the perfect choice for elderly people.

Perfect Sizing Guide for 80-Year-Old Women’s Shoes

This can be a tough or easy decision to make. It mainly depends on one’s preference, kind of heel and size versatility of the elderly person’s feet. Luckily, you can easily find sizing charts from different shoe websites and stores. Just like men, elderly women also face the same challenges when looking at shoe fittings. According to the physical structure and phenomena, women’s feet are softer compared to men’s feet. Therefore, you need to pick authentic and astute measurements for the best results.

Below is a sizing chart guide meant to aid you when buying shoes for an 80-year-old woman which is based on our statistics. The most common and simpler sizes have also been included here. This chart happens to be the standard manual used worldwide by international shoe and sneakers manufacturers.

Size Category
5 – 6 Small
7 – 8 Medium
9 – 10 Large
11 – 12 XL (Extra Large)
13 – 14 2XL

There’s not only a standard chart but also available is a conversion chart which you can use for your convenience. Thanks to recent technology, there currently is a footbed measurement machine that is used to make your work easier.

UK Sizes Heel to Toe (In) Heel to Toe (Cm)
3 9.2 23.1
4 9.4 23.9
5 9.72 24.7
6 10 25.4
7 10.27 26.1
8 10.5 26.8
9 10.86 27.6

With assistance from the two tables, you will be able to suitably select the perfect kind of walking shoes for an 80-year-old woman. Both conversions and standards are attached to help you alongside the buying guides.

Current developments in smart strategies and leather technology of professionals are astute-conditioned mainly for 80-year-old’s shoes. Customized shoes can now be manufactured easily in different sizes. Senior women of this age require proper care for their ankles and knees. Numerous diseases such as gout, osteoporosis, ankle dislocation, knee-joint pain, heel malfunctioning and crack can randomly occur. In order to reduce the occurrence of some these diseases and their control, you need to use medicated shoes.


Shopping for the perfect shoes for 80-year-old women can be quite difficult because they are too critical to feet trauma. Various diseases such as arthritis, gout, diabetes, marrow decay and rheumatic bone dislocation are very common to people of this age. With the above information, you can now buy shoes for 80-year-old women that will ease the pain from such ailments.


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