Here Are the Best Walking Sticks for Seniors

Here Are the Best Walking Sticks for Seniors

Older adults require little support, especially those who like taking relaxed strolls and heart-pumping hikes. Hiking poles usually work well in minimizing the impact on leg muscles and knee joints. When choosing the right walking stick, ensure you check the grip to decide if you want a one-piece or an adjustable one.

Some stereotypes usually abound that the elderly aren’t avid hikers, but it’s an accessible activity. Gentle walking, good training, and pacing are significant elements.

Functions of Walking Sticks

Walking sticks may perform more than one function, including:

  • Providing a wide support base offering outstanding balance and stability
  • Helps with your walking pattern in terms of speed and evenness of stride
  • Helps maintain an upright posture
  • Helps boost the user’s confidence when it comes to walking
  • Helps in weight redistribution

Choosing the Best Walking Sticks for Seniors

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right walking stick for the elderly:


A walking stick with a good grip should help relieve stress and strain on the wrist joint. The grip designs vary for trekking and fitness walking, meaning your choice is dependent on your needs.

One-piece or Adjustable

One-piece walking sticks are quieter and lighter, ideal for Nordic walking. Hikers, travelers, and trekkers, on the other hand, will appreciate compact and easy to carry poles.

Shock Absorbing

Shock absorption is a great feature, especially for the elderly with balance problems or previous injuries.


The best walking sticks for seniors should have a lightweight shaft as it affects the overall weight. A lighter walking stick tends to come with the benefit of less swing weight, making it easier to move. The poles typically weigh less than a pound per pair.

Best Walking Sticks for Seniors

Below are some of the best walking sticks for seniors in the market:

#1. FitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles

FitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles


The FitLife Nordic Poles are generally ideal for hiking and light walks. These poles are made from high-quality aluminum material, are expandable, moisture- and shock absorbing. Each stick weighs about 0.6lbs but can support up to 440lbs. It weighs you down a little but provides ultimate support.

The walking stick additionally features a quick-lock system and a measuring scale marked in centimeters. The pole works easily and quite well, making it perfect for seniors. What’s more, it comes with four extra rubber tips providing excellent traction on surfaces, stability, and it also makes it durable.

Besides, you can easily replace the rubber tips once they are worn out from hiking adventures. Sturdiness and stability are essential, and this walking stick offers precisely that. Remember, this walking stick is meant for light walks and hiking but wouldn’t work well on steep or tough terrains. For instance, they are perfect for walking on grassy dirt paths and not rocky slopes.

The caps at the bottom can wear out quickly if used on rough terrain. Also, they can collapse on challenging climbs, especially in the mountains.

#2. Traveller Carbon Nordic Walking Poles of Norway

SWIX Nordic Walking Poles of Norway


Traveller Carbon Walking poles come in different one-piece sizes; hence can’t lock or adjust. It could be ideal for older adults with arthritis as it saves them the hassle of fiddling with various mechanisms.

The walking stick is an excellent pick if you want one specifically for your height. The seller will recommend the best one for you and is also open to emails. They are stable and secure.

These walking sticks are also great recommendations by therapists and doctors. The poles feature long-lasting carbide metal tips ensuring no breakage or wearing on the trail.

However, it would help if you remembered that these walking sticks don’t have a guide on getting the best walking technique. It, therefore, means that they are great for experienced Nordic walkers. The walking stick also comes with uncomfortable gloves, especially for those with delicate hands or skin.

If you are an experienced Nordic walker, then this is the best walking stick for different terrains.

#3. York Nordic Ultralight Foldable Walking Poles

York Nordic Ultralight Foldable Walking Poles


York Nordic Walking Poles are made of pure carbon fiber and are equally adjustable. They are perfect for older adults looking for convenience. You can easily fold these poles are carry them around with 14 inches folded length.

The walking stick is dependable and durable. Since they don’t come with a guide, they work well for experienced walkers. They also work well on rugged terrains and over long distances. However, they tend to send slightly uncomfortable vibrations on the arm due to interior stretch cords vibrating when forcefully placed on any surface.

#4. Trail Buddy Hiking Poles

Trail Buddy Hiking Poles


Trail Buddy Poles are sturdy and robust, going for tough aluminum instead of carbon fiber. The walking stick is adjustable and comes in different fun colors. It features lever locks perfect for seniors who don’t want the hassle that comes with clip grips.

Ensure you attach the mud cup properly as it can fall off if not assembled correctly. Save for that; these hiking poles are great for seniors and first-time hikers alike.

#5. Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles


Montem Ultra Trekking Pole comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee plus a new, improved model perfect for first-time buyers. They are made of aluminum, are compact and lightweight, another excellent option for seniors.

You can also use them as mobility aids as they offer better support than crutches and canes. The trekking pole is perfect for relaxed walking.

#6. Medical King Walking Cane

Medical King Walking Cane


Most walking sticks have different heights but don’t manage to keep the back straight when walking. This walking stick’s design for men and women aims to help individuals with chronic back pain walk upright comfortably.

Medical King Walking Cane features various locking points to adjust for a more customized height. The rod is made of top-quality material that is not easily breakable. The non-slip handle is curvy, allowing you to position the grip and also maintain an upright position.

The walking stick also features a safety string to keep it and place it and prevent it from slipping off your hands. Besides, it allows you to use your hands while standing without letting the stick go. The slip-resistant rubber base makes it easy to walk up and down the stairs and replace it when it wears out.

The walking stick is foldable perfect for travelers. Medical King is one of the best walking sticks for older adults, arthritis, and spinal disorder patients who want to maintain an upright position.

Advantages of Walking for the Elderly

We all love strolling in the fresh air as we listen to nature sounds and check out the views. This activity is useful, especially for older adults, since it’s typically a low-impact way of ensuring they stay healthy and fit with few risks associated.

More active people usually have better overall fitness, and mental health and also make good food choices. Walking has several benefits, and this is no secret and is equally a great way of activating your creative thoughts. Besides, a walk with friends and family can be of great significance for seniors. Rehabilitative walking is also ideal after hip surgery, which is quite common among the elderly.


One potential disadvantage is that these walking sticks can increase the entire energy exertion on the arms as they pick up the extra weight saved from the knees. However, using the best walking stick for seniors is ideal as it ensures good circulation when the arms keep moving for an extended period.


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