Best Slippers for Elderly to Prevent Falls

Best Slippers for Elderly to Prevent Falls

There are safe slippers for elderly to prevent falls in different colors, styles, and designs. Find a convenient pair from the recommendations below.

Buying Guide of the Best Slippers for Elderly to Prevent Falls

These types of slippers usually come in different designs. Some are heavy, light, made of firm or soft materials. For older adults, you can get various types ideal for those with balance problems. The shoes are super comfortable and usually help prevent accidental falls. They are easy on and off shoes and are secure and also make walking easier. There are some factors to consider when shopping for the best slippers for elderly to prevent falls. The factors will give you your money’s worth while keeping your feet well-protected and comfortable.

This guide will help you pick the right pair of slippers for the elderly.

  • Shoe Size

A proper shoe size is ideal when it comes to preventing accidental falls. Wear socks to get a proper size when shopping for shoes. Ensure the shoes don’t fit too tight or too loose, get the perfect fit. The right size will help older adults to walk comfortably and freely and can also do exercises in them.

  • Comfort

When it comes to shoes for the elderly, comfort is always key. Older adults are more prone to injury as they age and most of them are struggling with arthritis. Their feet feel painful when walking. When shopping around, check if the slippers are soft and should also feel super comfortable on the feet.

  • Traction

Traction means the balance characteristics of the shoes. Traction helps prevent falls or slips when walking on different surfaces from rocks, mud, grass to dirt. When shopping, go for shoes with smooth and light rubber soles as they always make walking easy.

  • Arch Support

Perfect shoes for the elderly should offer more support around the ankles. Perform the wet feet test to be conversant with different arch types.  Place your feet under the bathtub with enough water then take them out and step on the floor. Your arches are probably flat if your feet create a flat shape on the surface, crescent shape represents moderate arches and if you can’t see anything, then you have a higher arch.

  • Lightweight

It’s always important to get the elderly lightweight shoes as heavy ones makes it difficult for them to lift their feet and walk with ease. They need lightweight slippers to comfortably walk on different surfaces. They also make the feet well-aerated and makes the walking experience easy.

  • Ease of Wearing

The best slippers for the elderly should be easy to wear and, in this case, slip-ons are the best bet. Besides, these types of slippers help save energy and time.

  • Flat Shoes

Shoes with flat bases are usually safer for older adults. They are super comfortable and makes it easy for them to move around. Besides, they are lightweight and doesn’t make you tired when walking in them.

  • Quality

Checking the quality of the product is always important. High quality slippers are durable and saves you the trouble of having to worry about wear and tear. Also, high brand shoes will prevent them from falling and protect their feet when jogging outside.

  • Price

Most of us work on a budget when shopping. However, it’s sometimes better to get a long-lasting product at a relatively higher price. Quality shoes are usually more expensive but will get your money’s worth. Therefore, to ensure comfort and safety, don’t check the price but quality.

Best Slippers for Elderly to Prevent Falls

If you are short on time, watch this video on best slippers for the elderly to prevent falls.

Here are some of our recommendations of the best slippers for elderly to prevent falls:

1. Acorn Women’s Boiled Wool Edelweiss Slippers


This slipper will make elderly women feel super comfortable and won’t make their feet sweaty or even slide on different slippery surfaces. The shoe is made of polyester, nylon blend and boiled wool. They are the best slippers for women with swollen feet since they have a soft interior and give maximum comfort.

The upper part of this slippers is hand stitched making them ideal for wearing both indoors and outdoors. Plus, the slippers are durable.

Key Features

  • The upper part is made of boiled wool
  • The slippers feature a cloud contour style
  • The wool lining is soft and moisture-wicking

2. Slippers International Men’s Perry Slipper


Slippers International Men’s Slipper is a comfortable pair of slippers for elderly with balance problems. It’s made of soft wool and lightweight fabric that typically adopts to the softness of the wool making it the best slippers for elderly to prevent falls. It’s durable and the rubber sole have great traction on different surfaces. It holds quite well and can be slightly used outside.

Key Features

  • The insole is super soft and cushioned for maximum comfort
  • Features a pickle lining
  • It’s a bit elastic

3. Vionic Adilyn Orthotic Support Shoes


This slipper has some healing features ideal for older adults. It helps absorb shock and traditionally helps those in pain to heal fast. It’s one of the best slippers for individuals dealing with fasciitis and other foot related problems. Additionally, they have padding to keep your feet comfortable and prevent accidental slips. However, getting the right fit is quite hard since the sizes can be a little confusing.

Key Features

  • The slippers offer orthaheel technology
  • It comes in a slip-on style and has rubber soles
  • It has the loop and hook closure

4. Orthofeet Pain Relief Adjustable Slippers for Swollen Feet


Orthofeet Adjustable Slippers is the best for those struggling with diabetic neuropathy. It features orthotic insoles for maximum comfort, superior arch support and the heel pad is cushioned to conform to your feet’s contours when walking.

It’s important for diabetic patients to relieve pressure on their feet while walking. That’s why these Orthofeet slippers usually come with a memory foam padding that helps eliminate any pressure points thereby relaxing the feet. What’s more, it also has a wide toe box to accommodate different feet sizes and keep you comfortable while the Velcro closure offers a perfect fit.

Key Features

  • It comes with custom orthotic insoles
  • It has an adjustable Velcro closure
  • The upper part is made of leather

5. Foamtreads Slippers for Elderly with Balance Problems


Foamtreads Slippers are the best for those with swollen feet. It easily expands to fit swollen feet perfectly. The upper part is made of wool for comfort and also keeps your feet well-protected. Besides, it gives the feet quick healing and also furnishes long-lasting cushioning.

The slippers are typically made with a grip making them ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Plus, they have bacteria protection to keep your feet healthy and odorless.

Key Features

  • The slippers are hand washable
  • It has toe to heel padding
  • It has a non-slip outsole

6. Git-Up Women Diabetic Non-Slip Slippers for Elderly


Get these slippers if you have swollen feet due to arthritis, diabetes or edema as it helps relieve pain and offers maximum comfort. The shoe is made with top-quality and lightweight knitting plush that absorbs water and also feels super comfortable. It has a perfect fit and securely stays in place to prevent falls while walking.

Key Features

  • It absorbs water
  • The Velcro closure is adjustable
  • It features an open-toe design at the front

Pros of Adjustable Slippers

  • They are more supportive – We need more support as we age. This happens when normal feet cushioning and leg muscles wear out. Therefore, some slippers are more supportive thus helping in cushioning.
  • Easy to wear – The loop and hoop closures usually make shoes easy to wear and take off ideal for older adults with mobility issues or any foot related condition.
  • They usually accommodate different foot sizes – Some slippers easily expand to accommodate any foot sizes and issues.
  • Lightweight – Older adults find lifting their feet quite hard when the shoes are heavy. It also makes them feel uncomfortable.

Types of Slippers for Older Adults

  • Open-heel slippers – These slippers are commonly found in hotels. The only cover the front of the feet and leaves the back part open.
  • Soft-Soled Slippers – They are super comfortable since they are made with sheepskin lining. They offer extra support on the soles for a relaxed foot.
  • Closed Slippers – For older adults, these are the safest slippers as it stays securely in place.
  • Orthopedic Slippers – These slippers usually support the wearer’s foot mechanics and natural structure. Plus, it offers excellent support.
  • Adjustable Slippers – They adjust to the width of your foot, ideal for swollen feet and other related foot problems such as bunions, hammertoes, diabetes, and corn.
  • Shower Shoes – These slippers have heavily grooved outsoles and are secure on the feet. They are the best slippers for elderly to prevent falls ideal for use in hospitals, care centers, and bathrooms.
  • Moccasin Slippers – They are lightweight and comfortable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Novelty Slippers – These non-skid shoes are stylish and are for those who don’t have any problem with their feet.
  • Slippers Boots – They are typically furry and have a soft lining mostly meant for women. They are versatile and quite warm ideal for both indoors and outdoors.


You can make a great difference in your loved one’s life by getting them a pair of comfortable slippers for the elderly. From the above reviews the safest slippers for older adults usually feature loop closures and non-slip outsoles. These slippers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

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