These Are the Best Shoes for Elderly With Balance Problems

These Are the Best Shoes for Elderly With Balance Problems

The national council on aging found that at least one in four elderly fall every year. Therefore, there are now more campaigns for public awareness surrounding this issue and one of the best suggested means of solving it is by getting shoes for seniors who experience balance problems. This article is centered on the special shoes and their positive influence on elderly’s lives.

What Are Shoes For Balance Problems?

These are elder targeted footwear created to help seniors with balance problems which are designed with improved features such as light and softer soles, great traction and the ability to fit even when the feet are swollen.

The design makes the shoes safe to walk in as well as minimize all risk of falling in the elderly meaning they will be able to continue with their usual lifestyle even as their age advances.

What Makes Shoes For Balance Problems Special?

These shoes are special because they are designed with the safety of the elderly in mind. They come with numerous feature which aren’t likely to be found in other products. They include;

  • Extra Large: Since swelling of the ankles, feet and legs is a very common occurrence in elderly people (edema) and it happens as a result of hormonal fluctuations, lack of exercise or standing/sitting for very long. Therefore, most manufactures take note of this and make the shoes for seniors with swollen feet with a more flexible and wider design so that they can easily and comfortably accommodate swollen feet.
  • Extra Light. A lot of elderly people don’t have the kind of strength like they did when they were younger and as a result, they can’t use heavy shoes for long. Shoes for elderly with balancing problems are designed using unique materials that ensure that they’re solid and lightweight. With these shoes, the elderly won’t feel heat on their feet that results from weight.
  • Extra Soft. The elderly are very sensitive to minor discomforts at their age. Luckily, shoes for elderly with balance problems are designed using cushy materials that offer a soft and cool feel. The upper component is normally designed to be breathable and in the long run, the feet will be left feeling happy and relaxed.
  • Superb Traction. Whether they are athletic shoes, oxfords or loafers, shoes for then elderly with balance problems contain soles that have excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces. The shoes also provide great stability.
  • Velcro Strip. Loose fitting shoes is one of the main reasons of tripping. To prevent this from happening, shoes for the elderly with balance problems are often designed with a versatile Velcro strip that allows the user to adjust them for a snug fit. A lot of time, the Velcro straps will remain tight and will not need to be readjusted from time to time. The other advantage that comes with Velcro fastening is that enables the shoes to be slipped on and off with ease.

How Shoes For Balance Problems Reduce The Risk Of Falls

It’s no secret that seniors are more afraid of falling that anything else and as a result, they end up reducing their social engagement and avoid participating in some of their daily activities because of potential injuries.

As a result, shoes for elderly with balance problems are mainly designed to help reduce the risk of falling by promoting mobility and Improving balance. This is achieved by:

Heel Cushioning And Elevation

Shoes for the elderly with balance problems typically contain more heel cushioning. This helps in protecting the feet from pressing hard on the floor of the shoe ensuring that there is no inflammation and irritation.

Research has proven that shoes that contain elevated heels tend to affect gait and balance, and are what cause increased risk of falling. The best shoes for elderly with balance problems contain a beveled heel which prevents sliding.

3D Support

The best shoes for the elderly with balance problems provide the user with complete support all around the foot. We’re talking about shoes with a soft interior, a deep and wide toe box that is able to fit bunions and a swelling, as well as a contoured footbed which will mold into the user’s feet.

The foot orthotics fit that is incorporated is meant to offer a more efficient than common arch support to further balance the biomechanical inadequacies of the legs and feet. Meaning a senior person will be able to walk comfortably despite foot issues such as a diabetic foot ulcers or plantar fasciitis reducing their chances of tripping.

Normal Foot Posture

Shoes for elderly with balance problems ensure that the user maintains their natural foot posture as much as they can. You’ll discover that the shoes have a customized sole which helps to optimize balance and improve feet positioning.

Type Of Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

Shoes for elderly with balance problems are available in numerous designs and shapes. Below is a highlight:

Slip On Shoes

These shoes are typically lace-less and low profiled and can either be slippers or loafers (also check; slippers for the elderly). Also, there is the moccasin construction that are precisely tailored for balance problems. They can be both informal and casual for leisure although they can also be used for work situations.

The shoes are sometimes designed from supple leathers such as suede and when used by women, they can be worn with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses and almost any other kind of outfit. They can be put on/off very easily.

Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic shoes are specifically designed to be able to accommodate irregular foot structures and mechanics. They contain very many medical beneficial features such as well-rockered outsoles and midsoles which ensure that the sole doesn’t twist which in turn helps seniors walk normally.

Also available are custom orthotic shoes which come in sufficient shapes and widths for a great fit regardless of the shape of your feet. The shoes are perfect for someone with foot injuries, weak joints, toe or foot deformities, open sores, wide bunions or other foot ailments.

Sandals Shoes For Balance

Sandals are open shoes and are the suitable footwear for hot summer months or when you’d like to visit the beach. The design comprises of a treaded sole which is held to the feet by sturdy straps that stretch across the instep or/and round the ankle. Some sandals are even designed with treaded heels.

Dress Shoes

If you’re a senior who is still active and is always attending formal events and meetings, then these are the perfect balance shoes for you to wear during these official gatherings. The shoes are stable, cute and tailored to be used during special events. They are very lightweight and will match well with suits as well as other formal wears.

Walking Shoes For The Elderly

One of the safest forms of physical activity for the elderly is walking. They can increase intensity depending on the way their bodies are responding plus walking is very easy on their joints. To ensure the safety of seniors during walks, the perfect shoes they can use to maintain their balance is walking shoes.

These types of shoes feel comfortable and will fit their feet well so that they are safe from common injuries such as calluses and blisters. Majority of these shoes are pretty light and are designed with the ability to absorb shock.

Velcro Shoes For Elderly

Lightweight Velcro shoes for elderly with balance problems are designed with an easy to tighten Velcro strap which is favorable for older people who experience some challenges while tying regular shoes because of physical limitations which make reaching their feet and bending painful, for instance, someone with arthritis.

Unlike the other designs of shoes that completely sacrifice style because of functionality, the current trend has made a lot of manufacturers to make fashionable Velcro shoes which means that you’ll still be able to maintain some sense of fashion even while wearing Velcro shoes.

House Shoes For Seniors

Seniors house shoes ought to be a casual pair of footwear that they can wear in and around the house. These types of shoes are absolutely comfortable, soft and very lightweight. However, they are not meant to be worn outside the house because the wearer will struggle to walk in them.

Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems Buying Guide

There are very many different kinds of shoes for elderly with balance problems available in the market today. The following are some of pointers you can use to simplify your choices.

Shoe Size

Since the size of one’s feet changes with age, ensure that your feet are measured. A shoe that is sized properly will not only provide you with comfort but will also offer safety since the user is likely to maintain natural gait.

If you’re feet are bigger, go for a size meant for larger feet. To be more precise, make sure that you’re wearing the socks that you normally use while you’re being measured for your new shoe size. Moreover, majority of online vendors provide their customers with sizing charts which are very helpful. Another thing to consider is the shape of the shoe.


One of the most important things to look out for when shopping for shoes for elderly with balance problems is comfort. There are shoes designed with custom orthotics that help enhance the user’s comfort level.

Shoes containing Achilles tendon protectors are perfect and are great for reducing stress on the Achilles tendon while the ankle will be cushioned by a heel collar. Moreover, with a mesh upper (and also open shoes) there will be enough ventilation while on the other hand, a toe box will provide you with additional room for your toes and will also aid help to prevent calluses.

The use of materials like gel, foam or air midsole will help improve the shoe’s cushioning. Finally, with moisture-wicking materials, there will be temperature control within the shoes.


Traction is a very vital characteristic of the outsoles found in balance shoes will help the user to safely navigate a range of surface conditions. The shoes ought to contain adequate tread in all the required areas so as to create the right versatility.

This allows them to prevent slipping/siding regardless of whether you’re walking in mud, dirt, rocks or grass. This can only be challenged by when a senior is not able to lift their feet of the ground because it might result to falling. If this case, the best shoes would be those with smooth soles because they can easily slide along diverse surfaces.

Safety Features

Although not a great percentage of shoes for elderly with balance problems contain this characteristic, they would be safer inclusive of it. For example, shoes with special insoles will have more proprioception and minimal chances of falling.

Also, some percentage of the sole is designed with “teeth” which help in improving the position of the foot for optimized balance. Moreover, shoes with supportive heels are less strenuous on the legs and will help reduce fatigue.

Arch Support

The arch supports help in reducing foot pain as well as other common foot ailments that are associated with lack of enough support and poor balance. The shoes are suited for seniors with ailments like arch pain which is often caused by the wearing and tearing that comes with aging.

On the other hand, shoes with artificial supports are helpful to a senior because with them, they’ll be able to walk in uneven and sloping surfaces. With help from a certified podiatrist, you’ll be able to know the level of arch support you need.

Other Considerations

When shopping for shoes for elderly with balance problems, pick those that can be easily be wiped and shinned. In terms of fashion, find out the users preferred colors and styles so that they’ll be happy with what you get them.

Best Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

If you are short on time, watch this video on best shoes for the elderly with balance problems.


After checking out what is available in the market, we were able to shortlist the top 5 best shoes for elderly with balance problems. They are as follows:

#1.Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneaker

The Propet men’s life walker sneaker has an adaptive design and a rocker profile making it both a great feet protector and a solid walking aid.

Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneaker


The shoe provides complete shock absorption, maximum breathability and easy stride capability. They are the complete package once you consider the ingenious arch support which helps in controlling pronation, a paddle lining (as well as a footbed) which will feel very good, and convenient straps that provide proper snugging.

This pair of shoes is certified by Medicare (code A5500) and is the number once pick for seniors with numerous foot problems. You can also rely on the platform when hiking on a rough terrain or even concrete because of their stability.

Made from 100% complete leather ensuring the user feels lightweight and experiences lengthy service. The latter makes the shoes more viable for retirees and ardent walkers who are still leading an active lifestyle.


  • Synthetic sole
  • 100% leather
  • Ortholite insole (that has memory foam)
  • Built-in contoured heel stabilizer (with a dual-strap Velcro closure)
  • Brushed nylon lining


  • Quite durable.
  • Very well-built shoe.
  • Feels very light.
  • Versatile and performs well in different surfaces.
  • Easy to shine/wipe


  • Toe box can be a little narrow

#2.Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On Shoe

These loafers will provide you with everything you might require in balance shoes. The shoes can be slipped on and off with ease thanks to their friendly hook-and-loop closure so that the user doesn’t struggle when wearing them.

Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On Shoe – New Balance Shoes For Elderly


The soles are able to grip the surface properly because of their nice tread which means that they can firmly hold onto surfaces including snowy surfaces which are often slippery.

Given the shoes features, the shoes are very comfortable with a removable contoured footbed, soft leather which molds to the feet as well as a very spacious interior that gives plenty of breathing space.

They are made with an innovative Zero G design that make the outsoles slip resistant and lightweight allowing the wearer to walk easily both inside and outside. They are the perfect fit even for people with edema since you can adjust the tightness with ease. Another advantage is the fact that the design looks classy and clean.


  • Hook-and-loop
  • 100% leather
  • Zero G shock absorbing outsole
  • Removable contoured EVA foot bed
  • Padded collar


  • Very lightweight
  • It’s a wide shoe
  • Very comfortable
  • Has significant arch support
  • Absorbs shock perfectly


  • Barely anything to complain about

#3.Dansko Women’s Pro Xp Mule Shoe

These shoes for elderly (precisely women) with balance problems that prioritizes two things; providing all day comfort and maintaining natural gait while walking. This explains the shoe’s extensive corresponding flexibility and top-notch customization.

Dansko Women’s Pro Xp Mule Shoe


Similar to the men’s hush puppies’ shoe which is popular, it has a cushioned footbed that can be removed allowing you to use custom made orthotics that will help ease your ailments. The shoe feels comfortable on the feet and will provide you with perfect arch support thanks to the anti-fatigue rocker bottom area.

This is among the few shoes for elderly with balance problems that can adapt to every foot shape without destroying the toes, because of the padded instep and the roomy toe box. Overall, the shoe’s main purpose is foot health and to promote leg posture so that the user is able to stand easily for long.


  • Padded instep
  • 100% leather
  • Removable memory foam footbed
  • Rubber sole
  • Roomy anti-figure rocker bottom/ toe box


  • Provides perfect arch support.
  • Looks and feels good.
  • Construction is very durable.
  • Can be wiped clean.
  • The inside is very roomy.


  • A little tight on very wide feet.

#4. Propet Men’s Scandia Strap Slip-On

These shoes for men with balance problems are made from leather is amongst the most popular models suitable for seniors with diabetes.

They are designed to not only relieve the user’s neuropathy nerve pain but to also help stabilize gait for people with diabetes, plus they’re approve by HCPCS/Medicare.

Propet Men’s Scandia Strap Slip-On


The shoes feature the most popular rocker profile and are very comfortable making it easy for the wearer to make easy strides, an important aspect in boosting balance.

Propet Scandia Strap Shoes are designed with a solid and extended heel counters providing seniors with all-day support. On the other hand, the polyurethane soles enable superior shock traction and absorption.

The EVA insoles offers further support and their unique hand-stitched toe design creates additional breathing room for the feet. The wide hook-and-loop straps make it easy for seniors to slip the shoes on and off easily even with weak dexterity.


  • Extra wide toe box
  • 100% leather
  • Removable EVA insole
  • Classified diabetic shoe (code A5500 HCPCS/Medicare)
  • Synthetic sole


  • Very lightweight.
  • Easy to slip on and off.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Helps in the maintenance of stable strides.
  • It an attractive shoe.


  • A bit complicated sizing.

#5.Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker

This shoe is similar to Propet Men’s Scandia shoes and can be used particularly anywhere. Its designed with the ability reduce the impact of all issues that can interfere with balance like unnatural gait, issues like bunions and swelling, leg posture and pain in the ankles or toes.

Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker


The approach of the shoes is pretty easy: for one, its very good on its comfort capability. From its soft-grain leather perforated uppers, padded lining, warmly EVA (cushioned) midsoles, not forgetting the first-class arch support.

It has dual adjustable straps which offer easy entry and fit adjustment easier. On the other hand, the extended sizes provide the wearer with a flexible regardless of their shoe size. The third innovation is found on the rubber bottoms and traction because they are the very best. The final outcome is one of the best designed shoes for an improved lifestyle.


  • Rubber soles
  • 100% leather
  • Extended sizes
  • Padded collar, padded insoles
  • Rubber bottoms


  • Breathable shoes.
  • Long-lasting pair of shoes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to wear and adjust to fit.
  • Feels very stable.


  • Not very many color choices

Seniors Balance Shoe Safety Tips

The following balance tips will help you find the right shoes for elderly shoes with balance problems for easy movement and stability:

  • Check the Surface. Shoes containing a smooth leather or plastic soles tend to be very slippery on tiles, wood, carpets and wet surfaces. Avoid the use of such shoes. Also, don’t use shoes that have worn outsoles on these surfaces.
  • Ill-fitting or Loose Shoes are a Hazard. Avoid wearing slippers or other loose-fitting shoes.
  • Beware of Heavy Rubber Lugs. Shoes with heavy rubber lugs can easily get caught on carpets so make sure you remove them when you’re on carpeted surfaces.
  • All-round Support. Walking shoes are the preferred choice for ardent walkers because they will make their activities much easier with all-round support and good traction.
  • Be Careful With Cushioning. Shoes with bumper cushioning are extremely comfortable. The elderly need to be very careful when wearing these shoes as they can make them unstable. Consider the available options very keenly.
  • Elastic Laces Vs Cloth Laces. Seniors without dexterity should consider using modern elastic laces instead of the traditional cloth ones. Since elastic holds shoes more firmly and will also stretch adequately, they allow easy wearing.
  • Custom Orthotics: Lace shoes can always be adjusted to accommodate the recommended orthotics, swellings and braces.

Final Thoughts

Shoes for elderly with balance problems contain features that aren’t available in all the other footwear. They are stable, fit well, comfortable and can assist in preventing slips which lead to catastrophic falls.

Make sure that the balance shoes are great shock absorbers and are lightweight. Don’t forget to pick one that caters for all kinds of special feet challenges such as plantar fasciitis. Lastly, for better results consult a podiatrist who will advise you accordingly.

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