Here Are the Best Men’s Shoes for Neuropathy

Here Are the Best Men’s Shoes for Neuropathy

Neuropathy is the dysfunction or damage on the nerves resulting in tingling, numbness, pain, and muscle weakness in the affected part. It frequently starts in the feet and hands but can affect other body parts as well as making movement-based activities inherently risky and difficult.

Symptoms like immobility and pain and risks such as skin deterioration are usually common in the feet due to the propensity of a normal person to virtually wear shoes every day. Putting on shoes tends to contribute to increased pain and deformities development including hammer toes, Charcot foot, and bunions especially with diabetic neuropathy individuals.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to neuropathy as shoe companies are designing ideal footwear to mitigate some of the risks and symptoms. You can get the best shoes for neuropathy in the market in different styles, colours, and sizes. Therefore, for those looking to take control of their discomfort and pain can try some of these recommendations:

Best Men’s Shoes for Neuropathy

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#1.  Propet Stability X Strap – Men’s Casual Shoe

Propet Stability X Strap


Propet Stability X Strap is the perfect shoe for men who don’t like the hassle that comes with laces. The manufacturer paid attention to detail as the shoes provides ultimate arch support reducing the strain associated with high impact activities.

The shoe additionally offers enhanced traction on different terrains. For maximum comfort, ensure you use EVA double removable insoles. Stability X Straps also helps improve circulation thanks to the streamlined design and the upper lining mesh. The strap closure features an adjustable hook and loop design making them easy on and off shoes.

#2.  Dunham Captain – Men’s Boat Shoe

Dunham Captain - Men’s Boat Shoe


Dunham’s Captain Men’s Shoe is a combination of healthy features, comfort and classical style. The leather on the upper part is waterproof and the venting mesh on the sidewalls keep water build-up and moisture away for dry comfortable feet. A fiberglass shank midsole insert offers arch support and perfectly aligns the lower limb improving foot functionality.

People wearing this shoe benefit from motion control and rare foot stability consisting of a graphite piece near the midsole to reduce over-pronation. The shoes also come with removable inserts to accommodate arch support insoles and custom orthotics. It has different features to provide comfort all day long.

#3.  Mt Emey 9703L – Men’s Hiking Boots

Mt Emey 9703L – Men’s Hiking Boots


Companies are now designing stylish shoes with the general decrease in outdoor activities. However, this has terribly affected people who indulge in physical exercises and adventures as they scour the market for suitable pairs of shoes. This is where Mt Emey Men’s Shoes come in handy.

These casual shoes are lightweight with a sturdy construction to sustain long walks while keeping your feet relaxed and comfortable. They are typically designed to protect your feet from damage and injuries making them the best shoes for neuropathy.

The upper part of the shoes is made of suede and breathable mesh fabric and features a lace up design. It can also accommodate orthotics and other internal modifications which is a plus especially when it comes to neuropathy shoes.

What’s more, the shoes provide shock absorbency elements to help prevent injuries and ensure your walking posture is correct. The shoes weigh between 12 and 15 ounces but this depends on your width and size. Plus, it’s customized to make walking easy.

#4.  Propet Village Walker M4070 – Men’s Orthopedic Oxford

Propet Village Walker M4070


The Propet Village Walker Orthopedic Shoes are rugged, stylish, durable, and super comfortable ideal for any occasion. The rubber outsole has excellent traction to prevent falls, while molded EVA insole keeps your feet comfortable. It features metal eyelets which makes lacing easy and rocker profile for natural strides.

The upper part of the shoes is made of stretchable nylon and full-grain leather offering a more customized fit. The tongue and padded collar are gentle on the foot and ankle. The shoes also come with removable moisture control and shock absorbing insole and accommodate custom orthotics.

#5.  New Balance 1540v3 – Men’s Athletic Shoes

New Balance 1540v3


The New Balance Men’s Athletic Shoes is lightweight and features a breathable mesh/synthetic upper that helps control any moisture build-up. The shoe comes with a polyurethane insert providing an additional layer for stability and also accommodates custom orthotics and arch support insoles.

These athletic shoes are well-cushioned and additionally comes with top-quality features: motion control, shock absorbency, and an extremely durable and supportive midsole technology. The outsole is made with blown yet flexible rubber to add extra cushioning and extend the shoe’s lifespan.

These shoes are perfect for men with balance problems looking to improve their stability and control. It comes in a sporty stylish design and the non-sew fabric application reduces the weight and improves the fit.

#6.  Drew Comfy – Men’s Clog

Drew Comfy – Men’s Clog


Drew Comfy Clogs are super stylish guaranteeing to make a statement any time you slip them on adding a touch of elegance to your appearance. The clogs are ideal for cold temperatures especially during winter. The beauty in this shoe lies in simple but bold design with faux trim and incredibly soft uppers.

These clogs are super comfortable and easy to slip on and off. The Drilex lining ensures your feet are sweat-free and dry throughout the day. They come with different features such as cushioned heels, arch support, and contoured footbed making them comfy especially for diabetic neuropathy individuals.

What’s more, the clogs have antimicrobial properties to keep your feet healthy and infection-free. The arch support helps lower the risk of developing conditions like flat feet. It also features a deep toe box for additional comfort while the extra depth enhances footwear support. Also, the outsole is flexible to improve traction when walking.

#7.  Drew Rockford – Men’s Boots

Drew Rockford - Men's Boots


Drew Glacier Men’s Boots are recommended to ease discomfort and pain caused by different foot conditions like metatarsalgia, heel and ankle pain. This high-performance rugged shoe features a nubuck construction with waterproof uppers and linings uniquely designed to keep the feet dry especially in wet conditions.

These boots are durable and come with removable insoles to provide extra depth and accommodate custom orthotics. Crafted with durability and comfort in mind, the added heel cushion and footbed ease foot pain. The tempered steel shank and firm heel counter offer support and increased stability.

The non-marking, lightweight rubber outsole is oil and slip resistant making them the best shoes for neuropathy. These shoes are adequately equipped to give superior comfort and a healthy environment for the feet on different surfaces. They also feature a pull tab that makes them easy on and off shoes.

#8.  Propet Stability Fly – Men’s Athletic Shoes

Propet Stability Fly – Men’s Athletic Shoes


Ensure you are wearing the right pair of shoes since your movement is dictated by them. If you are looking for the perfect pair, Propet Stability Fly checks all the boxes when it comes to the best shoes for neuropathy. They are designed with a precision knit mesh upper and are super comfortable.

These shoes have an incredibly soft and breathable exterior that prevents skin abrasion. The lace-up feature offers a more customized fit for improved maneuverability while the arch support lowers the risk of flat feet.

The shoe additionally comes with a removable footbed for custom orthotic accommodation and maximum comfort. They have a wide toe box making them spacious enough to accommodate different foot sizes and give you room to wiggle your toes to prevent numbness.

These shoes are a must-have for anyone looking to take charge of their discomfort and pain. They are stylish, comfortable and effective especially when it comes to mitigating various diabetic neuropathy symptoms.

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