Best Men’s Sandals for Diabetics

Best Men’s Sandals for Diabetics

Diabetic men need comfortable shoes for both lounging at home or walking outside. Read on to find the best men’s sandals for diabetics

Get superior arch support, comfort, and warmth when lounging at home with some of the best sandals for diabetic neuropathy. After a long day at work and coming back home, nothing screams comfort like getting to slip into a comfortable pair of slippers. Footcare is always important for those with diabetes even when shopping for casual footwear.

The average sandal will put your foot at risk especially for problems such as infections, foot ulcers, and blisters. However, choosing the right pair of slippers for diabetic neuropathy tends to mitigate the risk.

One of the things you should look out for is completely closed sandals around the toe, heel, and the top part. Slippers with straps tend to exert pressure on the feet causing sores and blisters. Besides, men who don’t wear closed shoes are usually more prone to injuries. Or, when walk outside with their sandals, tiny stones and gravel can get in the shoe causing blisters and sores.

Dr. Cunha doesn’t recommend wearing sandals for a long time although wearing them in the house in the evening and morning is perfectly fine. Slippers don’t often provide enough support like sturdy shoes.

Best Men’s Sandals for Diabetics

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Here are some of our recommendations of the best men’s sandals for diabetic neuropathy:

1. Orthofeet Asheville Leather Slippers

Orthofeet Asheville Leather Slippers


Orthofeet is known to make some of the best sandals for diabetic neuropathy in the market. These suede slip-ons provide extended widths, multi-layered orthotic inserts with enough support around the toes and heels. The toe box is wide enough to reduce friction, offers a non-binding fit at the front, eases pressure and eliminate rubbing. They are easy on and off slippers. The soft uppers, foam padding and smooth lining inside provide protection and superior comfort ideal for those with sensitive feet. The therapeutic design enhances stability, helps alleviate any joint stress, and makes walking a bit easier.

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2. Propet Men’s Cush n Foot Slipper


Propet Cush n Foot are medically approved slippers, hug the feet with stretchy super soft neoprene and corduroy cradled in a removable, padded footbed. They resemble slip-ons but while the upper part features an adjustable Velcro closure for a more customized fit. Plus, they are easy on and off slippers making them the best men’s sandals for diabetic neuropathy.

And just like the name suggests, Propet Men’s Cush Slippers usually cushions the foot making them super comfortable. They look great and have a perfect fit while the toe area is wide enough to accommodate different feet sizes.

3. Lamo Footwear Men’s Closed Toe Wrap

Lamo Footwear Men’s Closed Toe Wrap


Lamo Footwear will make you forget about induced pain and tinging resulting from diabetic neuropathy. It features a premium sheepskin interior that will keep your feet super comfortable, warm and dry. The adjustable straps allow for a more customized fit depending on the width of your feet. The molded toe and heel offer protection while the rubber sole has excellent traction. It’s an easy-to-wear slipper with hoop and loop adjustable uppers for a secure fit. Lamo Sheepskin Men’s Closed Toe Wrap is a perfect choice for everyday wear making them the best men’s sandals for diabetic neuropathy.

4. Old Friend Footwear Men’s Bootee

Old Friend Footwear Men’s Bootee


Old Friend Footwear Bootee is an excellent choice for men who think other types of shoes for diabetic neuropathy will fit awkwardly. The gripping yet durable outsole is reliable and sturdy for taking the trash can outside and checking your mailbox. The best part is the insole is removable hence can comfortably accommodate custom inserts. The bootee comes in extra wide and wide alternatives ideal for different feet sizes.

The slip-on sandals feature pigskin on the upper part that conforms to your feet’s contours and a soft sheepskin lining to keep your feet warm. Plus, it has a durable outsole with excellent traction.

5. Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper

Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper


When choosing the best men’s sandals for diabetic neuropathy go for one that offers superior arch support. Sorel Falcon Ridge Slippers provide this type of support thanks to the EVA midsoles. Besides, the insoles are removable to accommodate other custom inserts. The material protects and cushions your feet from feeling any sharp or hard objects underneath when walking. The raised ridge around the heels keeps the shoe securely in place.

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6. Acorn Fave Gore Slipper

Acorn Fave Gore Slipper


If you don’t like fur lining and suede, then the Acorn Fave Gore Slipper will be your best bet. The slippers are lined with fleece with memory foam insoles that conform to the contour of your feet keeping them securely in place as you walk for a therapeutic fit. They are super comfortable with nice cushioning at the bottom to protect your feet and keep them warm and dry. The slippers can transition from outdoor to indoor effortlessly making them the best sandals for diabetic neuropathy.

The water-resistant rubber outsole has great indoor traction while the closed back design offers support. The double gore panels are elastic for a more secure fit and also makes them easy on and off slippers. The slippers are breathable and stylish with a wool blend moisture-wicking exterior and fleece lining for warmth. They are also ideal for men of all lifestyles and ages and are machine washable. However, it’s recommended to go up a size since these slippers tend to run small.

7. Geisswein Veitsch Slippers

Geisswein Veitsch Slippers


Stay warm and cosy with the Geisswein Veitsch Slippers. The upper part of these sleek slippers is made of boiled wool meaning they are sweat-wicking to eliminate bacteria and moisture that cause blisters keeping your feet fresh and odorless.  Boiled wool has the ability to comfortably maintain cold and warm temperatures when needed. The molded footbed is soft and has a raised heel offering superior arch support.

Geisswein Veitsch Slippers have great insoles and a rubber outsole with excellent traction. The leather-lined footbed and open back helps retain heat while also allowing breathability and cushioning when you walk.

Squished and unhappy feet will be a thing of the past when wearing the best sandals for diabetic neuropathy.


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