Here Are the Best Extra Stretchy Socks for Swollen Feet

Here Are the Best Extra Stretchy Socks for Swollen Feet

Do you keep having minor aches that result from prolonged standing and sitting, travelling or even pregnancy? You can ease all these by adding a pair or two of the best stretchy socks for swollen feet to your wardrobe.

Compression socks happen to be one of the most common solutions used to relieve swollen feet. They socks are snug-fitting and they graduate pressure which in turn helps to increase blood flow to one’s feet, therefore relieving any discomfort. According to the CEO of La Jolla Vein Care, Nisha Bunke M.D, people can easily relieve pain from their feet by adding a pair of the best stretchy socks for swelling feet to their daily attire. She also said that “Compression socks are helpful for everyone to reduce swelling that may be associated with standing and sitting for long periods of time.”

Though the socks are useful for relieving pain and discomfort, they shouldn’t be used as treatment for any kind of medical problem before consulting with a doctor. Since a lot of people experience sore feet as well as sudden swelling (also known as edema) from time to time, it shouldn’t be ignored, “especially if the swelling involves only one leg,” says Dr. Bunke.

Of course, wearing the best stretchy socks for swollen feet isn’t the only way to stop the pain. There are several other fast comfort alternatives such as a nice pair of extra wide sock or a pair of cold therapy socks which offer a very comfortable fit. Both of these options have been included in our list of the best stretchy socks for swollen feet in different styles and cuts. The list will help you find you’re preferred pair of compression socks.

Best Extra Stretchy Socks for Swollen Feet

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#1.CHARMKING Compression Socks (3 Pairs)

CHARMKING Compression Socks


This brand of the best stretchy socks for swollen feet by CHARMKING is designed from a temperature-regulating, breathable nylon fabric. They are available in packs of 3 as well as 17 different color choices. The socks contain a 360 degree stretch capability, meaning whether you’re running to work, exercising or would just like to feel comfortable during a long flight, you’ll have full range motion and flexibility. The sock not only have antibacterial properties, they are also designed with the ability to regulate moisture, provide the feet with extra support and give a lightweight feel. Incase you’re not satisfied with these features the product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Available sizes: Small/Medium, Large/X-Large.

#2.Physix Gear Sport Premium Compression Ankle Socks (2 Pairs)

Physix Gear Sport Premium Compression Ankle Socks


If you’re looking for something that is comfortable, supportive and discreet then check out these no-show compression socks by Physix Gear Sport. This pair of the best stretchy socks for swollen feet comprises of an antibacterial and durable fabric that you can wash over and over and they will still maintain their compression fit perfectly. The compression on the socks was designed to be able to get to all parts, from heel to mid-foot to ankle without loosing the comfortable feel. Also, the sock’s breathable and moisture wicking capabilities means that they will remain dry all day long.

Available sizes: Small/Medium, Large/X-Large.

#3.Doc Miller Premium Calf Compression Toeless Socks

Doc Miller Premium Calf Compression Toeless Socks


These open toe compression socks from Doc Miller are available in 23 varying colors, meaning you’ll be able to relieve pain from your feet in a fashionable manner. This pair of the best stretchy socks for swollen feet is designed from a combination of spandex and nylon, with a tightly woven fashion and anti-odor qualities which prevents them from stretching over time. Since the socks are adaptive to low and high impact activities, they are suitable for everybody. There are reviews from customers who have tried numerous brands but found this on to be their favorite. One of the reviews from another happy customer praises the product for “holding up well during 12-hour nursing shifts.”

Available sizes: Small-XX-Large.

#4.Extra-Wide Sock Company Comfort Athletic Crew (3 Pairs)

Extra-Wide Sock Company Comfort Athletic Crew


If you’d like some extra wiggle room instead of compression, this pair of extra wide socks is an ideal option. Designed using cotton, spandex and nylon, this pair of stretchy socks for swollen feet is specifically meant for people with wider ankle and foot areas (they also provide an additional 25 inches of stretch coverage to the calf region). The socks are available in packs of 3 and can be slipped on with ease providing the wearer a comfortable fit. A customer from Amazon stated, “These are quite easy to get on and off. No squeezing, no messing with the fabric to get them on. Simply the best.”

Available sizes: Small-X-Large.

#5.NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks

NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks


With an almost perfect rating and over one thousand reviews on Amazon, these cold therapy socks for swollen feet are great for instant pain relief especially from inflammation and aches. They are available in 4 gel packs that include a half-sized pair that covers the top of the feet and a full-sized pair that covers the bottom part of the feet (or behind the heel). The socks are comfortable and stretchy, designed from spandex and a fleece lined nylon material.

According to Dr. Bunke, you need to always take caution when it comes to cold therapy socks such as these ones. “Older individuals, or those with risk factors for poor circulation, should consult with their doctor first,” she says. “A rule of thumb is if the socks cause foot pain, numbness or tingling in the toes, take them off. This may be a sign of restrictive circulation or nerve compression.”

Available sizes: Small/Medium, Large.


The best stretchy socks for swollen feet should not be uncomfortable or add pain to one’s feet. So, if you have any pre-existing aches/ailments, make sure that you’ve consulted your physician before getting yourself a pair of compression socks to avoid causing more damage.

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