Here Are the Best Shoes for Old Ladies With Swollen Feet

Here Are the Best Shoes for Old Ladies With Swollen Feet

Most health problems come with age. The body manifests these things in unusual ways which is quite normal. One of the symptoms includes swelling feet. As unimportant and small as it sounds, swollen fit can interfere with a lot of things in life.

To help older adults regain their independence, joy, and comfort, we have highlighted some of the best shoes for ladies with swollen feet. Getting the right pair can drastically improve their mobility, mood, and comfort. It also helps prevent the elderly from trips and falls.

What Causes the Feet and Ankles to Swell?

Feet swelling is also known as oedema is caused by different things. In older adults, lack of exercise tends to worsen the situation since the feet vessels and muscles are not stimulated like before.

It would help if you tried to figure out the cause of oedema. It would be great if it can be easily fixed. If it’s not possible, there are still other ways to make them comfortable, including buying the best shoes for swollen feet.

Below are some common causes of swollen feet in older adults:

  • Dehydration

Older adults tend to forget drinking water all day long, which generally contributes to dehydration. It can cause the body to retain water typically stored in the feet due to gravity.

  • Poor Circulation

The heart pumps slower while the valves in the veins don’t work quite well in pushing blood back up as we age. This causes blood to stagnate on the lower part of the legs and feet, resulting in puffy swelling.

  • Medications

Some medications also cause the feet to swell due to poor blood circulation and water retention. It’s always good to check the potential side effects of the drugs you are using.

  • Injury

Swelling is typically a natural injury result due to inflammation in that particular area. Twisting an ankle or hurting the foot can make them swell.

The swelling is usually accompanied by intense pain in the said area, pain, and redness. For the elderly, it’s important to seek medication in case of injury rule out any underlying conditions.

  • Diseases

Some medical conditions cause the feet and ankles to swell. Under these circumstances, it’s best to see a doctor.  Some of the most common ones are:

  • Lymphatic system conditions
  • Kidney disease
  • Blood clots in the leg
  • Heart failure
  • Liver cirrhosis

How to Reduce Feet Swelling

Besides getting the best shoes for old ladies with swollen feet, there some additional precautionary measures to keep them comfortable and happy.

Here are some tips to prevent feet swelling or any pain associated with it. Older adults can easily take these precautions and also wear the right shoes for swollen feet.

  • Keep the legs elevated

Elevating your legs to a height above the heart prevents blood from stagnating on the lower part of the body. It would be best if you lay down for best results.

  • Wearing compression socks

Compression socks are typically designed to stimulate circulation by squeezing subtly. However, they a bit difficult to wear.

  • Staying active

Keeping blood flowing and muscles moving can help reduce swelling of the feet. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something extreme you can do little activities like gardening and walking to get the body going. You can also check out other exercises that help keep the muscles healthy.

  • Staying Hydrated

During the day, older adults usually drink little water. It could be because their sense of thirst is lower and they don’t know if they need to hydrate. Sometimes they ignore because they don’t want to wake up at night.

Keeping well-aerated throughout the day will reduce water retention as they won’t feel deprived.

  • Consider change of medication

If you are under medication and it makes your feet swell, ask your doctor if there’s an alternative prescription.

  • Soaking the feet

Soaking swollen feet helps relieve some pain. Besides, you can always do it as much as you can.

  • Fill the tub with enough water to keep your feet covered
  • Add Epsom salt – ½ a cup
  • Soak your feet for about 30 minutes to an hour
  • Remember to keep your feet moisturized after soaking

Best Shoes for Old Ladies with Swollen Feet

If you are short on time, watch this video on best shoes for elderly ladies with swollen feet.

Below are some of the best shoes for old ladies with swollen feet:

#1.  Orthofeet Mary Jane Shoes

Orthofeet Mary Jane Shoes


The shoes are uniquely designed to be super comfortable in different ways. They’re practical and feminine ideal for older adults. Orthofeet shoes are known to be quite helpful, regardless of the cause of the swelling.

These shoes are specifically designed for orthopaedic functions and help neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, bunions, and different feet problems. They fit all feet sizes and comes in sizes 5 to 12 while in regular in double-extra wide, extra-wide, wide, and standard.

The shoes feature Velcro closure at the top, are lightweight and cushioned for additional comfort. If you have your orthotic inserts, you can replace the ones inside.


  • The shoes come with removable orthotic insoles
  • It has a double-layer cushioning for comfort
  • The toe-box is wider for additional comfort
  • The shoes are available in wide and extra-wide sizes


  • The shoes are quite expensive


#2.  Old Friend Adjustable Strap Slipper

Old Friend Adjustable Strap Slipper


A warm pair of shoes is usually essential during the winter season. It’s quite challenging to get shoes that are warm and ideal for swollen feet but Old Friend Adjustable Strap Slipper is an exception.

These slippers have sheepskin lining, which makes them exceptionally warm. The insole is also made of removable sheepskin if you want to replace it with yours.

The shoes feature soft suede leather on the exterior that keeps the feet supported and well insulated. The soft wide straps allow a perfect fit to suit your needs without cutting into the skin or making you uncomfortable. They are available from sizes 7 to 14 catering to different feet shapes and types.


  • These slippers have a sheepskin lining for additional comfort and warmth
  • The upper layer is made of soft leather for support
  • The insoles are removable
  • The rubber outsole has excellent traction


  • The shoes tend to run small
  • They are not durable compared to other shoes for old ladies with swollen feet


#3.  Open Toe Diabetic Recovery Slippers

Open Toe Diabetic Recovery Slippers


Orthopaedic shoes are usually costly, but this pair offers relief and comfort at a relatively lower price. They are entirely open, making them easy on and off shoes for different feet sizes. The interior is foam-padded, seam-free to cushion every step you take. The shoes come in sizes 7 to 13.

The open-toe design ensures your feet are well-aerated. These are the best shoes for swollen feet during summer. They additionally feature non-skid rubber outsoles to prevent falls, especially for older adults with balance problems.  They are machine washable, which is convenient and easy.


  • The shoes feature adjustable Velcro straps
  • The straps are wider for a tight yet comfortable fit
  • The shoes are naturally wider than average
  • They are well-padded with incredibly soft foam


  • The shoes can develop foul odour


#4.  Skechers Go Walk Sneakers

Skechers Go Walk Sneakers


Orthopaedic shoes work well around the house and not outdoors, but these Sketchers are ideal for both functions. They come in different stylish colours with memory foam insoles for comfortable cushioning.

These shoes are breathable and lightweight perfect for older adults with swollen feet. They are available in different sizes, including wide and regular.


  • The shoes come in different stylish designs ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Features memory foam cushioning for additional comfort
  • The shoes are lightweight and breathable
  • They are available in extra-wide, wide, and regular sizes


  • They tend to run large although this might not be an issue for older adults with swollen feet


Getting the best shoes for old ladies with swollen feet and ankles could be precisely what they need to live a comfortable life. Swollen and sore feet can ruin your day. Wearing comfortable footwear is not just lovely but essential when you are ageing.

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