These Non Slip Shower Shoes for Elderly  Stay Put Even on Soapy Surfaces

These Non Slip Shower Shoes for Elderly Stay Put Even on Soapy Surfaces

It’s quite challenging to keep your feet secure on wet surfaces like bathroom floors, especially for the elderly. However, the right non-slip shower shoes will keep you covered in this department.

Balance tends to deteriorate as we age. Therefore, the best shower shoes for older adults are the non-slip ones, also known as non-skid shower shoes. Just like the name suggests, they help prevent one from slipping and falling.

Non-slip shower shoes for the elderly is available in different types. However, not all are ideal for older adults. This article gives a review of some of the best ones in the market.

What to Look for When Buying Non-Slip Shower Shoes for Elderly

Choosing the best shower shoes for the elderly is not relatively easy. To make it simple, here are factors to consider before buying:

Go for slip-resistant shoes

Ensure that it works well to prevent fall and correctly manage one if it happens. It all depends on the shower slipper’s sole. Don’t buy shower slippers with smoother soles since they can’t prevent fall and have low friction. Besides, they easily cause fall on slippery and smooth surfaces.


The material of the non-slip shower shoes for elderly is equally essential. Go for shoes with a material guaranteeing durability.


Ensure the shower shoes are easy to put on and take off. They shouldn’t be undersize or oversize.

Design and Colour

If you want shower shoes that can double up as casual footwear or pool sandals, you need to consider the colour and design. Most shower shoes are plain, but you can get fancy designs.


Go for easy to wear non-slip shower shoes

How Important Are Non-Slip Shower Shoes for Elderly?

Shower shoes can help prevent many bathroom accidents. They have both insoles and outsoles that reduce the possibility of falling in the bathroom. These shoes also efficiently manage things, should it get too slippery.

Research shows that you can get fungal and bacterial infections to the body through cracked feet. Older adults usually have delicate immune systems which increase their risk of contracting these infections, especially from communal bathrooms. However, using the right shower shoes can lower the risk.

Your mind will be at ease with the right shower shoes. If you trust the sole of your bathroom slippers, you will not think of any accident occurrences.

Why Emphasize on Non-Slip Shower Shoes for Elderly

Not all shower shoes are designed to prevent fall. Some feature smooth soles that are quite dangerous on slippery floors, especially for older adults with balance problems.

Most bathroom floors are usually layered with anti-slip tiles to prevent accidents. You’ll also need to place slip-resistant mats around the tubs as further precautionary measures. However, sometimes these precautions don’t guarantee safety.

Since one can’t be too careful, it’s ideal to get the right non-slip shower shoes. The slippers come in different designs. Although most of these shoes are not gender-specific, you will get some that are.

Best Non Slip Shower Shoes for Elderly Folks

If you are short on time, watch this video on best non-slip shower shoes for the elderly.

This article highlights some of the best non-slip shower shoes for elderly below:

#1.  Crocs Men and Women Classic Clog

Crocs Men and Women Classic Clog



  • Flexible straps

The straps make these shoes versatile. The crocs can work as sandals or slippers since the strap can be comfortably moved behind the heels.

  • Ventilation holes

The holes allow air to come in keeping your feet well-aerated and preventing any odours.

You’ll also love these features:

  • Anti-slip soles – The synthetic outsole prevents you from tripping and falling mostly on wet surfaces. It additionally features anti-skid insoles for reassurance against a slip or fall. Plus, it slightly massages the heels.
  • Versatility – These crocs can double up as pool shoes, sandals, and casual slippers. Besides, it quite normal for people to wear them outdoors.
  • Unisex – They are not gender-specific hence look great on both male and female alike.
  • Comfort – It’s lightweight, features ventilation ports to keep your feet aerated and also drain water quickly when used as slippers.
  • Easy to clean – Crocs is one the most effortless footwear to maintain as you only need warm soapy water to clean them.
  • Durability – Crocs are made of synthetic material which makes them durable.
  • Lightweight – It’s not bulky and has a barely-there feel when worn.


  • Crocs have a wider toe box not ideal an ideal fit for people with narrow feet.
  • The hollow base makes it retain some water when used as slippers. You will need to tilt the crocs upwards to dry them quickly.
  • They are not flexible hence occupy a lot of space and cannot be squeezed to fit into a small travel bag.


#2.  Shevalues Quick-Drying Shower Slides with Drain Holes

Shevalues Quick-Drying Shower Slides with Drain Holes



  • Drainage ports

It has perforated soles that create drain ports.

  • Flexibility

These shoes are made of fibre and rubber, making the bendable when the need arises.


  • These shoes don’t retain water since the drainage holes eliminate that possibility. Water leaves as soon as it gets in.
  • It keeps your feet well-aerated keeping you super comfortable and also prevents odour.
  • They are easy on and off shoes as you only need to slide your feet
  • The non-slip soles prevent slips and falls
  • The shoes dry quickly when you wash or bath in them
  • The shoes are not gender-specific
  • They are super comfortable especially on dry feet


  • The drain holes limit their functionality to indoors and bathroom only
  • Those without noduled or anti-slip insoles don’t keep the feet secure. There’s a high chance of feet coming off the shoes every time as it features no straps to help keep them in place.
  • People with long and wide feet are not covered since the company offers limited sizes


#3.  Adidas Men’s Adissage SC Slide Sandal

Adidas Men’s Adissage SC Slide Sandal


The adjustable Velcro closures make it the best non-slip shower shoes for elderly.


  • They are easy on and off shoes. You can easily unfasten the Velcro and re-fasten it
  • It keeps the feet securely and firmly in the shoes
  • The shoes come in different fancy designs and can double up as pool sandals and used for outdoor activities too.
  • The insoles are cosy and provide ultimate comfort for elderly feet
  • The Velcro closure on these slippers makes it possible to share a pair


  • Some of these shoes have foamy insoles, making them retain water after taking a shower. They can develop an odour if not exposed to adequate sunlight. It’s advisable to go for those with non-foamy insoles for this type of shower shoes.
  • The Velcro becomes ineffective when it continually comes in contact with water. Since they serve as shower slippers, it rules out the possibility of durability.


#4.  Showaflops Women Antimicrobial Shower and Water Sandals

Showaflops Women Antimicrobial Shower and Water Sandals


The most common design of shower shoes is the flip flop. These flip flops are uniquely designed for women hence the narrow footbed.


  • Lightweight

The materials used to make them are super light.

  • Anti-microbial Layer

The layer helps fight against fungi, bacteria and different bathroom microorganisms

  • Slip-Resistant

Rubber works well with both slippery and dry surfaces; that’s why most shower shoes are made of rubber to manage and also prevent falls.

  • Quick-Drying

It doesn’t retain water and dries quickly, which prevents it from having a foul smell.

  • Easy to Wear

Non-slip shower shoes for elderly are comfortable to wear and take off

  • Comfort

These flip flops are super comfortable according to customer reviews


  • These flip flops feature a strap that can cause sores on the feet for older adults since their skin is usually a bit sensitive.
  • The rubber soles make a squeaky sound when they hit the heels. Some people find this noise annoying.
  • The drainage holes tend to pinch the bottom of the feet for some people
  • The flip flops are not ideal for older adults with wider feet


#5.  Vertico Shower and Poolside Sport Sandal

Vertico Shower and Poolside Sport Sandal


Vertico non-slip shower shoes are slide, open-toe sandals.


  • These shower shoes are quick-drying when washed or after use
  • It has comfortable insoles and a soft footbed to protect and cushion your feet
  • These non-slip shower shoes are made of lightweight materials
  • It’s adaptative footwear used for shower shoes and other outdoor activities
  • The shoes will keep your feet secure. The upper part of the slides typically runs from the toe to the instep and covers most of the feet. They also offer arch support securing your feet entirely to the slippers.
  • The shoes are easy to clean
  • These non-slip shower shoes feature a vented footbridge with spaces in between the upper part. It also means that it keeps your feet well-aerated, preventing smelly and sore feet.
  • The outsoles are slip-resistant and grip firmly to the ground managing and reducing falls


  • These shower shoes are noisy when wet


You can get other great non-slip shower shoes for elderly in the market in different designs. Also, ensure you consider all the factors before buying. Most of those reviewed in this article have similar features, benefits, and disadvantages. However, some salient points differentiate them, and this helps you choose one to suit your needs.

Getting the right non-slip shower shoes for older adults is only one precautionary way of preventing bathroom accidents like tripping and falling. But you should ensure the bathroom floor has an anti-slip surface. Besides, you can also buy slip-resistant mats for the bathtub and floor.

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