10 Best Adult Bibs for Eating (Crumb Catchers)

10 Best Adult Bibs for Eating (Crumb Catchers)

For most seniors, performing basic tasks such as feeding becomes a bit challenging because of trembling. They often end up leaving the table with clothes that are covered with food stains and having made quite a mess. They can avoid all the embarrassment and messes by using adult bibs, which will have them leaving the with no crumbs and food stains on their clothes. This can be quite a humiliating state for an elderly person.

Bibs for seniors have the similar function like those of babies, the only difference is their larger in size and are available in various materials, styles and design. When it comes to design, they are made to resemble sleeveless t-shirts which is good way of disguising them. This design is ideal for instances where they are in social settings or in the company of others. The bibs are long enough that they get to the knee so that crumbs don’t fall on laps of the user while they’re sitting. There are two different types of adult bibs; disposable ones and reusable ones. Choose the ones that are suitable for you. Majority of people choose to use reusable bibs when at home and the disposable ones when they’re out of the house. This doesn’t limit anyone to the same decision, you can use either type whenever you’d like. However, the reusable bibs are quite economical.

Types of Adult Bibs

Adult bibs are available in different sizes and styles, although the standard size measures 18 x 30 inches. The bibs below are of different styles based on their closure and materials.


100% Polyester. When it comes to washing, these are the best bibs because the can be washed numerous times without wearing out or getting torn. They are more durable and stronger, however, when compared to cotton, they’re not equally absorbent.

Terry cloth. This bib is popular in the market because of its affordable price. However, if you’re looking for a long-lasting material, this is definitely not it as it wears very quickly. Terry cloth has the tendency of shrinking whenever it’s washed. It is made entirely from cotton.

Vinyl bib (wipe only). They are entirely made from vinyl material. Although they’re not durable like other materials, they are a great pick since they don’t need to be washed. All you have to do is to wipe them clean after every use.

Vinyl black waterproof barrier. These bibs are designed with a terry cloth or a cotton/poly front and a vinyl back. The vinyl back is meant to stop fluids from getting to your clothes. These types of bibs are normally washed in controlled temperatures so that the vinyl does not melt. They also need to be washed gently so that they don’t overstretch and end up tearing.

Neck Closure Styles

Snaps. These are also easy to close. However, they might be a bit challenging to handle for seniors with limited mobility since they need a little effort and precision in order to be closed.

Self-tie. This closure system requires someone to tie the bib at the back of the neck. They’re not quite popular amongst seniors since most of them have difficulty when it comes to reaching behind the necks. However, the bibs can be untied easily.

Hook and loop closure. This is just a bib whose closure system is a hook and loop. They are popular in the market because they are easy to use. They can used even by people with dexterity challenges as they will be able to hook them with ease. These bibs should be washed gently so that the hooks and loops don’t lose their shape and griping capability afterwards.

Knot button. For this type of bib, you’re only required to master how the knot slides through the holes. Most of the bibs are designed with 2 holes for adjusting.

Buying Guide

If it’s your first time looking for an adult crumb catcher, then you’ll find that it can be a bit challenging to get the perfect one. However, don’t lose hope because the guide below will give you all the pointers on how to get the best bibs for adults;

Washable vs disposable

One of the first things you need to figure out when shopping for bibs for adult, is whether you would like to get disposable bis or washable ones. Once you decide on the kind you want, you can then move to the other factors.


When it comes to adult bibs, the wider and longer the bib, the more coverage one gets and the less chances of spillage soaking your clothes. The industry’s standard size is currently 18 by 30 inches. However, there are both smaller and larger bibs so you can select the kind you want depending on the user’s condition.


The prices of adult bis vary similarly as they do when it comes to design and material. Ensure that you know how much you’d like to spend. If you’re planning to purchase in large qualities, then you ought to buy from the manufacturer directly so that you can have a reduction on the reseller margin. Otherwise, it’s good to compare prices so that you can find the best deal possible.


Waterproof bibs are designed inclusive of a vinyl layer situated at the back for protection from fluids reaching and soaking your clothes. These are the perfect bibs for seniors who shake consistently when holding objects.

Crumb catcher (pocket)

Theses are pockets which help hold crumbs ensuring that there is no spillage during meals. Crumb catchers are the perfect bibs for messy feeders.


Adult bibs have different kinds of closure ranging from snaps, a loop and hook, self-ties and knots. Depending on a person’s ability to reach the back of the neck, snaps can be a bit challenging compared to the hoop and loop which much easier to use.

Best Large Bibs for Elderly (Adult Bibs) for Eating

If you are short on time, watch this video on best large bibs for the elderly.

  • #1 Allvinda Adult Bib

Allvinda Adult Bib


This bib protector is designed inclusive of a full vinyl waterproof protector at the back, which will help keep your clothes dry and clean. It has a removable crumb catcher that is great for catching food as it falls. This bib is a perfect fit for seniors suffering from various physical conditions which make it difficult for them get food directly into their mouths. This adult bib affords them some sense of freedom during meals without needing a lot of assistance. The bib also doesn’t need additional cleaning since there is only a little mess made.


  • Waterproof back
  • Adjustable high-quality snaps
  • It’s both washable and reusable
  • Has an optional crumb catcher


  • There users who might find that it’s too stiff
  • #2 Celley Women’s Adult Bib

Celley Women’s Adult Bib


Having to create a mess during meals can be quite frustrating and embarrassing for an adult, especially since they cannot control themselves. The elderly usually become uncomfortable when they need help every time, they make a mess which puts them down. This may lead to loss of appetite as they don’t want to end up making a mess. The Celley women’s adult bib was designed with the idea of an elderly woman in mind. The material used is of high-quality making it easy to protect the user from spillage and stains during meal time. The bib’s closure system includes an adjustable button for a crumb catcher that prevents food and drinks from getting spilled. The 100% polyester material is a great bonus feature that makes the bib both breathable and soft. It can be washed and reused numerous times.


  • Soft and breathable
  • Comes with a crumb catcher
  • Has an adjustable button closure
  • Washable and re-usable
  • Provides full coverage


  • Might be very big for a petite woman
  • #3 Linelax Washable Adult Bib

Linelax Washable Adult Bib


This adult bib is waterproof and washable making it good for preventing food and drink stains from getting to the user’s clothes. It has a layer made from soft polyester tricot material which is comfortable to wear and touch. The person using the Linelax bib is sure of being protected from cold and hot drinks. If you’ve been looking for a bib whose closure uses snaps, then this is the perfect one for you. The design includes triple neck snaps. This allows you to adjust the bib to whatever size you’re comfortable with. It’s made from an absorbent material, also, the back section is designed with vinyl which is very waterproof. This bib is available in a set of three different colors. The style used is quite simple and the checkered pattern is a great way of disguising any stains.


  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Absorbent clothing
  • Extra-long, providing full coverage
  • Is a set of 3 bibs with different colors
  • Elegant with design patterns


  • Patients with Parkinson’s disease might find it difficult to snap
  • It can cause one to get very hot when worn for long periods
  • #4 Royal Care Reusable Terry Cloth Adult Bib

Royal Care Reusable Terry Cloth Adult Bib


The Royal care adult bib is a great pick for both female and male elderly persons because the fit well with all kinds of clothing. The are available in a set of 6 Velcro-style bibs which are blue in color. The bibs are wide and long enough to provide the user with full coverage. This offers one maximum protection from stains and spilled food and drinks. Having being made from terry cloth means that they’re very absorbent and breathable, meaning that you can enjoy your meal without being worried about stains and spills. This is a great bib for seniors with disabilities because the hoop and loop closure system is quite easy to use because it doesn’t need a lot of effort. Also, the closure style at the neck offers a custom fit.

The Royal care reusable adult bib is multipurpose because it can be used during mealtime and also during messy activities such as painting. After usage, you can simply put it in the washing machine for cleaning having it ready for the next use. The bib is reusable and very economical. The best thing about this brand is that it doesn’t shrink when being washed.


  • Its multipurpose
  • Complete lap and chest coverage
  • One size fits all
  • The terry cloth is absorbent
  • Resistant to lint
  • Cost effective
  • The Velcro-style closure is easy to operate


  • Color bleeds while washing
  • Not waterproof
  • #5 HEAD2TOE Adult Bib

HEAD2TOE Adult Bib


The Head2toe Terry cloth adult bib is a great choice especially if they are meant to be used in hospitals or nursing homes, to assist caregivers to minimize cleaning messes made by the seniors they are taking care of. Terry cloth material is great at absorbing. This offers complete protection from spillage and stains. The closure style of this bib is a hoop and loop making it easy for seniors with mobility issues to wear. The closure system provides a perfect fit on the neck. The bibs can be cleaned and dried on the washing machine numerous times without shrinking and getting any lint. They are available in a set of 6 standard sized bibs made from 100% cotton. They are light blue in color, although the edges are white.


  • They don’t shrink
  • Machine washable
  • The neck closure style is a hoop and loop


  • Small neck opening
  • #6 Vive Adult Bib

Vive Adult Bib


The Vive adult bibs are available in a set of 2 bibs which are made from very absorbent materials with a lining that is waterproof, protecting the user from stains, spills, splashes, drips and scalding. It protects you from any kind of activity (such as painting) that can become messy. It is large enough to provide complete coverage and also comes with a separate crumb catcher. The bib has neck straps that are 3 inches wide and can be adjusted to the user’s preferred fit. It can be put on without any difficulty, plus you can carry it and use it outside the house. They are reusable and can be cleaned and dried using a washing machine.  Since the material used to make the bibs is of high-quality, they will not shrink or wear and tear even after countless washes.


  • The neck strap is comfortable and adjustable
  • Highly absorbent
  • Two months guarantee
  • Waterproof lining


  • Can be difficult to fasten for seniors with mobility issues
  • #7 Shorewood Medical Adult Bib with Crumb catcher

Shorewood Medical Adult Bib with Crumb catcher


The Sherwood medical adult bib is a popular brand in the market. The bib is extra wide and long providing full coverage. Also inclusive is a crumb catcher which is good for preventing food from getting everywhere during meals. They are washable and long-lasting meaning that you can reuse them countless time without wearing out. They are cost effective unlike disposable ones that have to be bought each time they run out. The bib’s closure is a Velcro style that begins from the neck and goes all the way to the shoulders, which is easy to use. This is a great choice if you’d like to maintain neatness and dryness on an elderly person who not only makes messes during meals but also drools. The bib is waterproof and very absorbent which is good for preventing your clothes from getting messed up.


  • Washable and durable
  • Extra-wide and long offering full coverage
  • Has an inbuilt crumb catcher that is great for saving time for cleaning
  • Its closure style is a Velcro which goes all the way to the shoulders for easy and quick reach
  • No spills penetration


  • No cons for this product
  • #8 Utopia Towels 3 Pack Premium Quality Adult Terry Cloth

Utopia Towels 3 Pack Premium Quality Adult Terry Cloth


These bibs are also among the economical ones and the come in a set of 3. Their size is large enough to cover the user from the neck to the legs. With this bib, seniors can now enjoy eating without worrying about messes and staining their clothes. The bib is blue in color which is acceptable for both female and male seniors. The color is also great for camouflaging stains so that the user can eat with confidence and enjoy their meal. It a perfect pick for someone who has allergies because it is made using natural fabrics that are chemical free.


  • Full coverage protection
  • Comfortable and easy closure at the neck
  • Lightweight
  • Premium quality


  • Available in only one color
  • #9 RMS 3 Pack Adult Bib with Optional Crumb Catcher

RMS 3 Pack Adult Bib with Optional Crumb Catcher


These adult bibs are meant to provide you with helpful solutions that will make life easier. They are can be found in heritage designs which will help cheer up the user. If the user is very messy, the bib’s butterfly and floral prints will help disguise any stains. Also available is an optional crumb catcher that can be used to catch any food that drops accidentally. The RMS bibs are the best for helping the elderly maintain a daily routine. They are designed with a waterproof and well sized vinyl back that offers good coverage. With these you can prevent stains, slashes, spills, drips and scalding from getting to the user’s clothes. They can be cleaned and dries by a washing machine. However, be cautious of the settings on the machine and avoid using any bleach because it will destroy the bib.


  • Vinyl waterproof back
  • Extra large size providing full coverage
  • Re-useable and machine washable


  • Are not available in any solid colors
  • #10 CloseoutZone Disposable Adult Tie-Back Poly Bib

CloseoutZone Disposable Adult Tie-Back Poly Bib


If you prefer single-use adult bibs, then the CloseoutZone disposable adult bibs are the perfect pick for you. They are available in a set of 100 bibs which can last for a long while. They are plastic bibs meaning they are waterproof and are large enough to provide maximum coverage. These bibs are quite affordable when compared to all the other adult disposable bibs available in the market. So if you’re on a budget, these are the bibs for you.


  • Lightweight
  • Cost-friendly
  • Waterproof


  • Can easily tear when not handled carefully


Seniors can easily lose their appetite and confidence after having to deal with continuous messy mealtimes. They may even end up being anti-social because they’d like to avoid embarrassing themselves when in the company of others. Using an adult bib during mealtimes will help prevent this from happening. Since they are wider and longer, they offer extreme coverage which is a great way of reducing mess and keeping the user clean and dry. The bibs vary from disposable ones to washable ones, you can easily pick what suits your needs perfectly.



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