Best Electric Can Openers for Seniors with Arthritis

Best Electric Can Openers for Seniors with Arthritis

Every kitchen should have a can opener. However, if you are a senior or suffer from arthritis, using manual cans is out of the question as they can be painful to operate. And this is why you need an electric can opener.

The best electric can openers for seniors with arthritis are easy to use. The can openers do not require a lot of effort. In most cases, you will be able to open canned food by simply touching a button on the openers.

Choosing an Electric Can Opener

With the many electric can opener brands on the market, how can you know which one will be right for you?

To make your work easier, we have researched what’s available to come up with a list of the best electric can openers on the market. Whether you are looking for an affordable opener or prefer a more specific one like an under-the-cabinet or a hand-held one.

Best Electric Can Openers for Seniors with Arthritic Hands

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Best Electric Can Openers for the E...
Best Electric Can Openers for the Elderly


#1. Best Can Opener for Handicapped: Hamilton Beach 76380Z

hamilton beach 76380z can openerThe durability and overall performance of the Hamilton Beach 76380Z can opener makes it’s a bestseller in its category. This heavyweight can opener features SureCut patented technology that makes it easy to open a can on your first try.

Apart from opening cans, the Hamilton Beach can be used to sharpen knives. Therefore, it’s a 2-in-1 product!

To use the opener, you’ll have to plug it into a wall. However, you do not have to worry about the cord being all over as there is a storage area to keep it out of sight when not in use. Moreover, when you want to clean the electric can opener, you can conveniently remove the cutting to wash it.

The Hamilton Beach can opener is a workhorse; it opens both large and small cans. However, you should be careful when working with oversized cans as the opener has a tendency to tip.

This can opener for disabled people produces clean cuts and lasts long. Moreover, it is easy to use if you have stiff hands or arthritis.

#2. Best Smooth Edge Can Opener: Hamilton Beach 76607

hamilton beach 76607 can openerThe Hamilton Beach 76607 can opener has a side-cutting system that leaves cans with smooth edges. This opener is a great product all around. You can use it to open different can sizes, including pop-tops. The opener does not require a lot of strength to use thanks to its ergonomic lever.

The Hamilton Beach 76607 comes in black and chrome and looks attractive on the kitchen counter. The model is also available with a storage slot and stainless-steel kitchen scissors.

#3. Best Can Opener for Elderly: Chef’s Star Can Opener

chef's star can openerThe Chef’s Star Smooth Edge can opener is the best value electric can. This handheld can opener is expensive but also of top quality. You can turn and open any size of can with the Chef’s Star through the simple touch of a button.

The Chef’s Star electric can opener features an innovative side-cutting system that ensures your cans are left with smooth edges. Therefore, you can reseal the can after opening them.

The Chef’s Star is the best electric can for elderly with arthritic hands because it can go 360 degrees. Therefore, you don’t have to turn or twist your hand when operating the opener.

The design and performance of this can opener will impress you. Its compact size makes it easy to store it in a drawer.

However, the can opener may wear out quickly if it is used to open a lot of cans per day.

Overall, this is one of the best hands free can opener models available on the market.

#4. Electric Can Opener for Large Cans: Cuisinart Deluxe Can Opener

cuisinart deluxe can openerIf you anticipate you will be opening small and large cans, you should get the Cuisinart Deluxe can opener. This sleek can opener features a gorgeous design and stands out for its precise cuts. The stainless steel can opener has a wide base that ensures it does no tip nor slid while in use. The device also has rubber feet to prevent slipping.

Cleaning the Cuisinart Deluxe can opener is easy. You simply need to remove the magnetic lid holder and the blade to clean the opener. This full-metal handheld electric can opener is relatively quiet when in use. The device also opens large cans easily and leaves them with smooth edges.

We highly recommend the Cuisinart Deluxe if you are looking for an automatic can opener.

#5. Electric Can Opener Under Cabinet: BLACK+DECKER SpaceMaker Can Opener

If you are looking for a handheld can opener but would like to save space in your kitchen, you should get the BLACK+DECKER Can Opener. This under-the-cabinet can is easy to install and looks great since its features are well tucked behind a swing-open door.

The BLACK+DECKER is a multipurpose kitchen equipment. Apart from opening your cans, you can use it to open bottles, cut bags and sharpen knives. The can opener measures 6.5″x7.5″x5″ and weighs just over a pound.

The performance and quality of the BLACK+DECKER makeblack and decker can opener it one of the best can opener models on the market. The opener is easy to mount and its features work well.

Note: The BLACK+DECKER can opener works best for flat-bottom cabinets. If you have an overhang cabinet, you can use a space saver to install.

Some people do not like the BLACK+DECKER because it looks big and bulky. However, if you wish to save space on your kitchen counter, we highly recommend the model.

#6. Best Handheld Can Opener: Handy One Touch Electric Opener

handy one touch can openerIf you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a can opener but still need something that will work well, the Handy One Touch Electric Opener is for you. The can opener is compact and therefore does not take a lot of room wherever you place it in the kitchen. Operating the opener is simply a matter of touching a button to turn it on or stop it.

The Handy One can opener safely cuts beneath the lid, leaving the edges of your can smooth. While the device is small, you can use it to open cans of all sizes, including large ones.

Overall, this is the cheapest handheld can opener that we would recommend to buy. Its performance is worth the money you will pay. However, like is expected of any cheap items, the opener breaks sooner than expected.

Editor’s Choice: Best Can Opener for Arthritic Hands

The above are the best can openers for seniors. All of the above openers are great in their own way. For this review, if you are looking for a can opener to install under the cabinet, we recommend the BLACK+DECKER model. Alternatively, if you prefer a handheld model, the Hamilton Beach 76380Z is our best recommendation.

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