These Can Openers Are Easy to Operate (Even With Weak Arthritic Hands)

These Can Openers Are Easy to Operate (Even With Weak Arthritic Hands)

Seniors suffering from arthritis can find opening a food can a challenging task. The twisting and squeezing involved can be unbearable on painful and inflamed joints. Pressing a button for some time and guiding the opener in a full circle to open the lid may take forever. Moreover, it can also leave you with serious injuries.

To avoid such injuries, you should get you’re a senior the best can openers for arthritic hands. This article has reviews of the best can openers for elderly or senior citizens.

Which is the Best Can Opener for Elderly Loved Ones?

A senior needs a can opener that is easy to use. This is because most foods that can be easily cooked, nutritious foods come in cans. If the elderly person can open a food can and place it in a microwave oven, he/she will be more independent. Being able to heat up food and make coffee can improve a senior’s eating habits.

There are different types of can openers. Some run on batteries and electricity while others have to be spun manually. Before purchasing a can opener for arthritic or elderly person, make sure you understand how it works. The following are some of the can openers found in the market.

Manual Can Openers

You may recognize these openers from their classic look of a pair of scissors. However, the openers have a handle at the end that is used to turn them. To operate the can opener, you’ll have to squeeze the handles together tightly to apply pressure on the seal of the can to break it.

As you squeeze the opener with one hand, use the other to turn the crank wheel. As a result, the can opener will start moving around the edge of the lid of the can. Keep turning the crank wheel until the can completes the circumference of the lid. On completing the movement, you can easily remove the lid.

It is not advisable for seniors with arthritis to use manual can openers. Each step of using the opener will be painful to them. The tight gripping and squeezing of the handles which will be painful on their hands and knuckles. On the same note, the wrist to ache as they try to turn the crank.

Electric Can Openers

This is the best can opener for seniors. The opener is normally plugged into an electric outlet and left to sit at the counter, usually in the kitchen. Some people mount them under the kitchen drawers or cabinets to save space.

Electric can openers are operated by a lever arm with a blade. To use the openers, you have to position the opener next to the can, place the blade next to the lid, and push the lever to break the lid seal.

Keep the arm down as the motor rotates around the can in a complete circle. When the lid comes off, most electric openers will automatically shut themselves off.

If the lever is small and can only be held be the fingertips, an arthritic person will have a difficult time holding it down for a long time. Holding the lever with straight fingers for that long can cause a lot of pain. Most seniors cannot withstand the pressure that has to be put for the lid pop open.

Handheld Automatic Electric Can Openers

These can openers are usually powered using batteries. A couple of the openers with an in-built charger and use rechargeable batteries.

Handheld can openers are usually small. To use the openers, you have to lock them on the edge of the can and push the start button for it to start moving around the lid. Most of the can openers work automatically and do not require you to manually press them to go round the lid.

Naturally, this opener is recommended for arthritic people since it operates somewhat hands-free. However, you can find some cheap counterfeit versions available online that are expensive but don’t work the right way. Make sure you read reviews of the best handheld automatic electric can openers before purchasing a specific one.

Pull Can “Pop Top” Openers

This can opener is meant to pull off top lids such as those used on pet food and tuna food cans. The can operates by providing additional leverage so that the lid can be pulled and lifted off.

These openers are recommended for people with arthritis because they usually experience some pain when they try to pull the lids with their fingers through the finger holes. Ensure that the handle of the can you purchase is strong enough and does not have to be gripped tightly.

What to Avoid for Arthritic Hands

  • Crank wheels that are operated manually, especially small ones
  • Can openers that have to be tightly gripped or squeezed to work
  • Levers which require application of a lot of pressure for them to puncture the lid
  • Small levers and buttons that have to be held down for a long time

Best Can Openers for Seniors with Arthritis

If you are short on time, watch this video on best can openers for seniors with arthritis.

Seniors with arthritic hands require a can opener that does not make them experience any pain at all. Pick an opener that will not require the elderly with arthritis to use a lot of strength or effort to operate. The opener should be a bit stylish and, of course, highly functional. Also, consider the price of the can opener for elderly people that you want to buy.

Below is a list of some of the best can openers for arthritic hands.

#1.  The Hamilton Beach 76606ZA (Best Electric Can Opener for Arthritic Hands)

The Hamilton Beach 76606ZA

This opener is mainly recommended because its lever handle is easy to use. The lever doesn’t require much force to be pressed down. The opener also softly punctures the lid using the blade. You can use your forearm or the palm of your hand to push the lever without experience any pain on your hand or fingers.

This opener is commonly used in homes. Therefore, an elderly person won’t find it challenging to use. He/she can use it immediately it without any special training.

The product has many positive customer reviews on Amazon. Some of its features include:

  • An attractive, stylish design
  • Blade cuts into the lid and leaves it with a smooth, safe edge
  • Has an ergonomic large handle that can pushed easily and held down
  • Weighs 3.1lbs
  • Measures 5”x4”x9”
  • Comes with 1 year warranty


#2. Black + Decker CO100B SpaceMaker (Best Under Cabinet Can Opener for Arthritic Hands)

Black + Decker CO100B SpaceMaker

Arthritic people recommend the SpaceMaker can opener for its ease of use and functionality. The opener is operated with a handle that can be pushed easily with minimal force. The blade easily cuts into the lid and leaves it with a smooth edge.

The opener is designed to save space and hence can be mounted under the drawers or cabinet. When not in use, you can pull down the opener’s flip cover to cover it.

The SpaceMaker can opener has in-built knife sharpener, bag-cutter and bottle openers, which are beneficial for people with arthritis. Installing the opener is quite easy as there are spacers, templates and instructions included in the package.

Other features of the opener include:

  • A powerful pierce that removes the lid and leaves it can with a smooth edge
  • Has large handles that are easy to operate and require minimal force
  • Can also operate as a bottle opener, bag cutter and knife sharpener
  • Weighs 1.1lbs.
  • Measures 5”x7.5”x5”


#3. Banguri Electric Can Opener (Best Handheld Automatic Can Opener for Arthritic Hands)

Banguri Electric Can Opener

Although this handheld opener can appear intimidating on first glance, it’s actually easy to use. Simply line the wheel and blade at the edge of the can and press the button to automatically start cutting round the lid. After finishing cutting, it shuts itself off. A magnet holds the opener onto the lid by a magnet. After cutting, the lid will come off without any difficulty.

However, some complaints have been raised about the durability of the device. This isn’t something new with can openers. Due to their small sizes, some people claim that they don’t have the power required to open big cans.

Some of the features of the Banguri can open include:

  • An automatic operation button
  • Works with 4 AA batteries (bought separately)
  • Cuts through the can leaving it with a smooth edge
  • Weighs 7oz
  • Measures 4.8”x2.9”x2.4”


#4. Trudeau Can Opener (Best Manual Can Opener for Arthritic Hands)

Trudeau Can Opener

The Trudeau is a manual can opener. If you don’t like using electric appliances, this model is perfect for you.

The Trudeau can opener is operated by a crank handle and has reduction gears that make its turn a lot easier. The opener uses prying motion, which leaves the can with a smooth edge. Storing the can is easy since you can fold the handle in and out.

The device is both safe and easy to use and is a highly recommended can opener for seniors.

Some of the features of the can include:

  • Has a big rotating arm that is 50% easy to turn compared to other manual can openers
  • The cutting mechanism does not use a blade and hence leaves the can with smooth edges
  • Crank handle can be folded for easy storage
  • Weighs 8oz
  • Measures 5.5”x0.8”x8.7”


#5. Jokari Can Opener (Best Pull Top Can Opener for Arthritic Hands)

Jokari Can Opener

Although it’s not a conventional can opener, the Jokari can definitely be used by arthritic people. The Jokari is specifically designed to be used on ring pull or pop top cans. Whether you’re arthritic or not, cans may be difficult to open. Prying the cans open will be much easier when using the Jokari Pull Can opener.

Other features of the device include:

  • Operated using pry action to lift off the lid without breaking nails or hurting your fingers
  • Makes opening ring pull and pop top cans easy
  • Wide handle that with an easy-to-grip shape
  • Weighs 3.2oz
  • Measures 4”x1/2”x9”



Arthritic pain makes the life of many seniors quite unbearable. Having to deal with swollen joints that are painful can make using simple devices like can openers challenging. Using the above best can openers for the elderly can make things easier.

You can also go for manual and automatic jar openers that are recommended for people with weak or arthritic hands. Lightweight pans and pots are also good for relieving arthritic pain. Pick a model that you feel is best suited for you.

The best can opener for people with arthritis on our list is the Hamilton Beach model. The device is not only simple to use, but also easy to store Moreover, it is affordable so you don’t need to worry about your budget.

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