Best Mattress for the Elderly (Seniors)

Best Mattress for the Elderly (Seniors)

As the body ages, it becomes prone to aches and pains. Even though you may not be suffering from any chronic condition, the muscles can naturally get stiff from time to time. Therefore, it is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet, engage in light exercises, and generally take good care of your body.

When you start feeling joint or back pains, one of the things you should check is your mattress. If you are not using the best elderly mattress, you are likely to suffer from neck, hip, shoulder, and back pain. You can avoid these pains by sleeping on the right mattress.

Choosing a Senior Mattress

You can prevent many joint and body pains by sleeping on a comfortable senior mattress. A good mattress will help you avoid pain and also provide relief for existing back conditions.

Read on for an overview of the best mattresses for seniors. After going through the mattress reviews, you will know which options will be suitable for your requirements.

Best Mattress for Elderly


Senior Bed Reviews (Top 5)

If you are short on time, watch this video on best mattresses for the elderly.

Nest Bedding – The Alexander Signature (Editor’s Choice)

alexander signature mattress reviewOne of the best mattress manufacturers in the country, Nest Bedding, is the company behind the Alexander Signature mattress.

The mattress features a 4-layer construction of memory foam, patented materials, and pocketed coils. The coils in the foundation layer provide extra support to the mattress.

The Alexander Signature is the best mattress for elderly side sleepers. The memory foam materials are of different densities. As a result, the mattress is excellent for reducing pressure on the joints and back.

The Queen Size model has 1,872 coils and the top layer of its memory foam is infused with a nice gel. Therefore, your body is guaranteed to be cool when you are sleeping.

The firmness of this senior mattress is medium. The bound of the innerspring foundation layer and the pronounced push-back of the mattress deliver a sensational and relaxing sleep.


Contours the body in a nice manner

Keeps the body cool while you are asleep thanks to its temperature-regulating ability

Great construction that helps to relieve pressure on the back and other parts of the body


Some people may find it to be a little more bouncy

The Novosbed

novosbed mattress reviewThe Novosbed is one of the best memory foam mattress for elderly or seniors. The mattress features three different layers made of memory foam materials with varying densities.

The Novosbed is specially made for the elderly. The mattress contours the body in a subtle way to alleviate pressure on the back and joints. Moreover, it helps to prevent various chronic conditions from getting severe.

Since the Novosbed is made from memory foam, just like the Casper, it does not have the characteristic responsiveness of innerspring mattresses. Moreover, the specifications of the core materials make them a little less breathable.

However, the Novosbed is one of the best rated mattresses for seniors thanks to its comfort and ability to provide relief on different conditions.


Excellent deep-compression support

Enhanced pressure relief

Pronounced yet non-trapping cradling effect


May sometimes produce an off-gassing smell

Not very much responsive

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The Helix

helix mattress reviewThe Helix mattress is manufactured in a different manner. Unlike other mattresses for seniors that come with pre-determined features, Helix allows customers to fully customize their beds.

The Helix is one of the best rated mattresses for seniors because it allows you to customize it to your requirements. Therefore, whether you have back pain, arthritis, or other conditions, you can get the mattress made to your specifications.

However, it’s best to let a professional determine the specifications of the Helix mattress that would make it suitable for an elderly.


Each sides of the bed can be adjusted

The main features are fully adjustable

Made of high-end materials


You should know the features that would make the mattress suitable for your condition

DynastyMattress S-Cape Adjustable Bed

dynastymattress reviewThe DynastyMattress is one of the top rated mattresses for seniors thanks to its comprehensive solutions to various conditions. You can easily adjust the overall shape of the mattress single-handedly.

To change the position of the mattress, you need to press two programmable buttons. When you press the buttons, the motor is engaged quickly and quietly.

The DynastyMattress has two different layers of foam materials. The first layer is made out of Viscoelastic memory foam that is 5” thick. The second layer is made of polyurethane foam and is designed to specifically support the whole bed.

The two mattress layers work together to provide back support and relieve pressure on the joints. It is no wonder that the DynastyMattress is rated the best mattress for elderly with back problems. This is also one of the best adjustable beds in the market.


Offers excellent pain relief

Comfortable and supportive for seniors

Is easy to adjust through the programmable push-buttons


The motor can malfunction in case poor handling

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Classic Brands

classic brands mattress reviewThis is another highly recommended adjustable bed for seniors. This bed is more affordable than the other options we have listed on this senior mattresses review post. The Classic Brand has various perks that make it excellent for relieving pain on the neck. The bed has adjustable legs with various height options: 4”, 6.5” and 10.5”.

The Classic Brand mattress is made of ventilated gel infused with memory foam. The foam is 10.5” and delivers excellent back support. The mattress also performs excellently in terms of ventilation and comfort. Sleeping on the mattress helps to reduce pressure on your body. This is why this mattress makes it our review of the best mattresses for seniors.

The Classic mattress has an adjustable base. The feature is convenient for the elderly as you can customize its position to fit your requirements.


The material used to make it is infused with gel to keep you cool while sleeping

Quite affordable

Great for seniors since it’s adjustable


Some people may find the mattress too firm

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Geriatric Mattress for Seniors

Seniors with certain conditions such as chronic pain can benefit from geriatric mattresses. These mattresses are specifically designed to address the pain caused by osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, hip pain, and more.

Best Mattress for Elderly With Arthritis or Osteoarthritis

Arthritis or osteoarthritis are characterized by serious pains due to inflammation of the joints. The inflammation usually occurs due to poor sleeping positions and the resulting tension on the joints. If your elderly loved one has any of the conditions, it’s critical to get him a mattress that can help to alleviate the pain.

However, a mattress is not a cure for arthritis among the elderly. It’s critical to know how to handle the condition to alleviate pain. Ensuring the elderly sleep on a firm mattress that aligns their spine properly is one of the ways of alleviate arthritis and osteoarthritis pain.

Best Mattress for Elderly with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia causes widespread pain on the musculoskeletal system. Seniors with fibromyalgia may exhibit various symptoms such as lack of sleep, moodiness, poor memory retention, and excessive fatigues. Sleeping on an inappropriate mattress can aggravate some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Sleeping on a geriatric mattress can held to ease the pain seniors usually feel on the back. However, keep in mind that a geriatric mattress for elderly only reduces the symptoms but does not get rid of the condition.

Best Mattress of Seniors With Back Pain and Hip Pain

Sleeping on a poor mattress is one of the main causes of back and hip pain. A poor mattress can lead to aching of various parts of your body. When your body is in poor posture when sleeping, pressure can increase between it and the mattress.

To avoid back and hip pain, buy a comfortable mattress for the elderly that is firm and non-toxic.

What to Consider When Buying a Bed for Older Citizens

There are various factors to keep in mind when looking to buy a bed for elderly citizens. These factors include:

  • Adjustability

Adjustable mattresses for elderly, like the ones listed above, are a great option because they can be adjusted based on the issues your loved one has.

An adjustable mattress can be helpful in various situations. For example, the mattress would be ideal when you need extra support on the lower back. Adjusting the mattress can help to alleviate pressure in the lower back area, or any other parts of your body.

  • Materials and construction

When looking to buy a mattress for elderly loved ones, go for a memory foam one. Foam mattresses have prominent contouring capabilities that can help to alleviate back pressure. If your loved one has breathing allergies, buy the best organic mattress such as the Avocado Green.

Alternatively, you can purchase a hybrid mattress between innerspring and memory foam. Hybrid mattresses offer a nice balance between comfort and support. When sleeping on them, you feel an expressive bound and push-back. At the same time, the memory foam is comfortable and conveniently reduces pressure on your body.

  • Firmness

Seniors who sleep on mattresses that are not firm are more likely to experience joint and back pains. Generally, you should choose a medium to firm mattress. The mattress should also be comfortable, especially if it will be used by an elderly loved one. Therefore, make sure it is not too firm.

  • Cost of the mattress

Price is another thing to consider when choosing a mattress. The best mattresses for elderly cost quite more than standard mattresses. Do not cut corners and purchase a low-quality mattress as it may aggravate the pain experienced by your loved one.

There are various affordable mattresses for seniors. Select from one of the above mattresses based on your needs.


Selecting the best mattress for elderly or senior loved ones is important. The mattress you select can either alleviate or aggravate the condition that the seniors have.

Follow the guide above when looking for a mattress for elderly loved ones.

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