Best Bras for Women Over 50

Best Bras for Women Over 50

Looking for the best bras for women over 50? Read our review for the top recommendations.

Sometime back, Whitney Cummings, a comedian, did liken the feeling of wearing an underwire bra to that of leaning on a fence. Most women, regardless of age, can agree with this, especially if you went for an ill-fitting bra unknowingly. To properly get a bra on the hands, shoulders, elbows, fingers, and wrist should always be in a reasonable position so that you can effortlessly slide it through. You should also be able to adjust and fasten the bra with ease.

Which Are the Best Bras for Women Over 50?

If you are short on time, watch this video on the best bras for women over 50.


Fastening a bra can be quite challenging for some women, especially those dealing with arthritis, back and shoulder pains, or different physical ailments. Upper flexibility is still paramount even with Lycra sports, which features Velcro straps, has no fasteners, and is equally less firm.

You shouldn’t force a bra on, whether your flexibility on the upper body has been hindered due to natural aging or an injury. Examine any problematic areas in your body and consider them when getting a new bra. Here are some of the best bras for the elderly.

#1.  Dorkasm Middle Elderly Women’s Bra

Middle Elderly Women's Bra


The bra has some lace detailing and is quite easy to open, just like a snap-button shirt. You only need to click open the front by snapping. It’s one of the best front closure bras for older adults.

Key Features

  • Pamper shoulders
  • The straps are quite broad and cushioned
  • Its construction features no wires

The bra has soft cups, and its entire fabric consists of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. However, the lining is 100% cotton. The back features a U-shape comprising of 7% spandex and 93% cotton. You can get this bra in single packages and different sets of two and three. The bra comes in colors beige, light yellow, and pink.


  • The bra is only available for cup sizes B
  • It features pockets that hold the bra inserts and usually swivel after several washes

Trying to find a bra you can wear to bed has proven to be a difficult task. However, this bra is super soft, with a breathable fabric and cotton-lined cups. Therefore, it might be an exception. The bra is ideal for traveling either on road trips or plane rides. The bra inserts can be a drawback, but you can always replace them if they are not supportive enough.

#2.  Easyon Mobility Bra

Underworks Arthritis Bra


Underworks Arthritis bra features a hook and loop, perfect for women with limitations like torn rotator cuffs, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and other different physical ailments. While it can double up as a nursing bra, most ideal bras for women over 50 typically fall in the maternity section. Maternity bras are usually designed for maximum comfort, breast, and shoulder support, for women with sensitive skin as well.

Key Features

  • The bra’s fabric is a blend of cotton and spandex
  • It features a hook and loop closure at the front
  • You can comfortably wear this bra on your own without help

The bra has Velcro and front closure, which makes it easy to slide through the arms and fasten. The straps are long enough for adjustability purposes. Since this bra isn’t quite firm, ensure you measure your breasts before making an online purchase. Get the measurements right below the bustline after exhaling to get the right size of the chest.


  • The bra is not ideal for women with bigger breasts who need high-level support
  • Velcro tends to irritate the skin in the front area

Some women may decide to wear this bra over a slip since it prevents the Velcro from scratching against the skin. It’s also latex-free for areas in the body with sensitive skin. However, the irritation differs from one person to the other because some women find this bra super comfortable. To prevent the Velcro from having an old lint-filled appearance, wash the bra in cold water on a very gentle cycle, and dry on low or air dry.

#3.  Easy On Snap Front Closure Bra

Easy On Snap Front Closure Bra


If you can comfortably snap open and close any shirt, then you will find front-closure bras ideal. Just like purses with snap buttons, if your primary concern is fasteners closing and opening several times before finally getting to lose their ability, consider keeping them closed and wearing them over the head like you would a sports bra.

Key Features

  • The bra is ideal for cup sizes A up to D
  • It features four closure snaps at the front
  • The straps are quite thick on the shoulders

Latex-free, wire-free, and you can also machine wash it. The bra’s fabric is a combination of cotton and spandex, and the soft cups equally feel great against the skin. The bra may not be perfect for all older adults since the numeric measurements are not specific. If you find a cotton sports bra with no tight spandex areas ideal, then this bra will work perfectly well for you.

Before making any purchase, always ensure you are super comfortable with the natural hang around the chest area. Easy On Snap Front Closure Bra has no padding and foam cups which enhances the shape of the breasts, it will probably reflect the same even with a shirt on.


  • The bra sizes are less specific
  • The underarm area on the bra fits snugly

However, you can always get your money back if the bra doesn’t fit or even fasten as it should.

#4.  Women’s Front Button Seamless Bra

Women's Front Button Seamless Bra


Women’s Front Button Seamless Bra features a clip-down clasp and a closure button at the front, which makes wearing and taking off effortless.

Key Features

  • The cups have a cotton lining
  • The bra’s fabric is breathable and equally soft
  • The shoulder straps have a broad design

The bra has no wire and features a beautiful vest design in flower brown variations and beige. You can potentially wear this bra on its own or throw some pretty coat over it. It’s the best bra for post menopause since the shoulder straps are thick and super comfortable. Besides, the vest straps come in handy guarding against perspiration from leaking onto the outfit.


  • The bra runs small. Order a larger cup size to avoid small-fit issues.

It’s rare to get a steel ring design meant for support. However, wire-free bras help maintain blood circulation. Moreover, it’s ideal for wearing both indoors and outdoors throughout the day.

#5.  Women Front Clasp Wireless Cotton Vest Bra

Gloglow Women Front Clasp Wireless Cotton Vest Bra


The name of this bra color blend might get a few people raising eyebrows. Light Skin and Dark Skin color aren’t entirely different. Save for the skin color, descriptions for the three alternatives including pink, don’t look fashionable at all.

Key Features

  • The shoulder straps are anti-slip
  • High elasticity and durability
  • Dispersive pressure helps prevent any slipping pressure

The bra comprises a breathable cotton fabric, is soft, and quite easy to put on and take off. It features ultra-thin cups that offer full coverage with a natural silhouette, which provides ultimate support.


  • The bra is only ideal for sizes 36, 38, 40, and 42

Promoters say the bra is durable and doesn’t deform easily, which makes it perfect to wear to bed as it won’t lose its shape. However, it’s entirely up to you to decide if you can also wear it when sleeping.

#6.  Plus-Size Sports Bras for High Impact

Plus-Size Sports Bras for High Impact


It’s embarrassing to have a flopping chest in a fitness class, due to lack of support regardless of age. Sometimes getting the best sports bra can be tricky. Others fit snugly and tend to flatten the chest, while others fit loosely, giving minimal or no support at all. For older adults with more massive breasts, this bra is durable and ideal for moderate exercises, which the doctor recommends.

Key Features

  • It has removable pads
  • The zipper at the front is anti-slide
  • The bra’s fabric is 12% Lycra

The bra is wire-free with a front closure, and the shoulder straps are adjustable. The padding and shape do push up the breasts for additional support while protecting you during your workout sessions. The compression bra is breathable and also catches sweat, which is ideal for different exercises since it keeps you dry.


  • The bra is currently available in size 3XL only
  • The removable pads tend to shift in the washing machine, but you can always remove if the need arises

If you want the bra to fit tightly, go down your standard size. Besides, if you want more breathing space, go up a size.

#7.  Women’s Zip Front Closure Bra

Women's Zip Front Closure Bra


Women’s Zip Front Closure Bra is ideal for seniors with limited arm mobility.

Key Features

  • The bra features a zip closure at the front
  • Its fabric is 5% spandex and 95% cotton
  • The bra has broad cotton straps

The thick cotton straps are visible underneath the clothes. The band below the breasts is also essential when it comes to support. The mesh and racerback design at the back offers maximum comfort in wearing the bra, even in some formal settings and lounging.


  • The zipper is lightweight, but the bra may be uncomfortable to wear to bed

The bra is available from sizes 34 up to 48. However, the cups don’t stretch; you, therefore, would need to get the right size.

#8.  Delimira Women’s Lace Plus Size Bra

Delimira Women's Lace Plus Size Bra


When fastening a bra becomes a hassle, some women employ different tricks. Whether it’s due to injury or it’s simply easy, getting to turn a rear-hook fastener around to clasp it at the front, then sliding around works perfectly well. You can use this trick when you don’t have a comfortable bra in your collection, but think the hooks can be a hindrance.

Key Features

  • The bra has no wires
  • It offers full coverage for ultimate support
  • The bra’s fabric is 5% spandex and 95% cotton

Most people believe that the best bras for women over 50 should have a zipper, Velcro, or fastens at the front. Bras for older adults should have a comfortable fit without making them feel like they are leaning over a fence.

The bra has thick straps and non-foam cups ideal for both comfort and support. The adjustable straps and U-back ensure the bra conforms to the shape of your body.


Moreover, this bra balances appeal and comfort quite well, with the lace trim detailing on the shoulders and the cleavage area.

#9.  Zouyue Comfortable Bra

Zouyue Comfortable Bra


There’s a reason as to why yoga pants hit as everyday wear all over. Some yoga pants require long shirts while others need extra material, and when you get several quality ones that fit correctly, you will wear them regularly. You can say the same about a yoga bra. If the bra is super comfortable and supportive, you can wear it every day.

Key Features

  • It features removable pads
  • The straps are low-pressure
  • It has no wires

The bra has padding, is skin-friendly, and also doesn’t itch ad scratch since the fabric is soft nylon. The wireless and seamless feature also prevents the skin from abrasions. The removable pads add support, but if you don’t need extra roundness and lift, you can remove them.


  • The removable pads tend to shift after several washes. Therefore, it might require adjusting

You can also wear a yoga bra for fitness. They can also double up as post-surgery wear where wires and rings are usually an absolute no.

#10.  Women’s Seamless Comfortable Sports Bra

Kealli Women's Seamless Comfortable Sports Bra


If you find bras that only come in beige boring, you can go for this bra since it’s available in a pack of three and features colors black and white.

Key Features

  • The bra’s fabric is 4% spandex and 96% nylon
  • The bra has no hooks, wires, straps, or clips
  • It features a curve-hugging design

The removable pads are ideal for comfort and support. However, if you find them uncomfortable, you can always remove the inserts. In addition to the cup support, the bra is also perfect for maximum comfort after shoulder and chest injuries.


  • You can only hand wash this bra

The bra is super comfortable to sleep in since it’s stretchy and adds comfort.

#11.  Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Wireless Bra

Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Wireless Bra


When brown-skinned women get a bra in nude, they believe as evident on chocolate skin shades like purple and pink typically do. However, this bra features a front closure and leans more on nude color for ladies over 50 who want their undergarments to blend with their tone.

Key Features

  • The bra is wireless
  • It has no padding
  • The bra’s fabric comprises 5% spandex and 95% cotton

Ideal for medium to low impact support and cup sizes B, C, and D. Besides, it also has a hook-and-eye closure at the front, which makes fastening effortless. The multi-dimensional stretch also helps give support to both the front and back areas even without an underwire.

While this bra features no padding or soft foam cups, which gives the bra some shape, the front closure, and structure tend to lift the breasts. The straps are thick enough to reduce any back strain and annoying bra lines that show when you wear tight clothes.


  • The bra isn’t ideal for cup sizes A and women with more massive breasts beyond D
  • The bra doesn’t have foam cups to offer lift for the breasts

If you don’t find the café color beautiful, you can try other alternatives like beige, white, and black. All four shades are perfect for leisurewear, athletic attire, post-surgical needs, and business attire.

#12.  Nippleless Covers Breast Petals Lift

Nipple less Covers Breast Petals Lift


If you only need cover but find strips annoying, you should consider adhesive alternatives. These bras have no hooks and help lift the breasts while covering the nipple area.

Key Features

  • It has an adhesive lift tape
  • The covers a diameter of four inches providing an excellent breast coverage
  • Silicone hypoallergenic medical grade

These bras are super comfortable and skin-friendly. You can also avoid all the fastening hassles of a bra with them. It’s virtually invisible underneath all outfit designs from gowns, blouses, to backless attire. The sticky silicone secures and forms the curve on the breasts, ideally.

The bra may be of help to women with saggy breasts. Using a warm towel, wipe the boobs, then on the nipple area, gently place the nipple covers. Press down for the edges to sit comfortably fit on the breasts.


  • They are not ideal for women with more massive breasts
  • For brown-skinned women, beige isn’t nude
  • Too much sun and humidity may cause the adhesive to lose its stickiness from the silicone gel

After wearing the adhesive bra throughout the day, rinse it with mild soap and warm water. Air-dry it, then re-attach the plastic sheets so that you can wear them again.


Being in this world for several years doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear a particular outfit or type of bra. Try to be comfortable in your skin regardless of what you wear. Sometimes what constitutes as the best bra for women over 50 lies in comfort, without losing any fashionable appeal.



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