These Are the Best Bras for Elderly With Dementia

These Are the Best Bras for Elderly With Dementia

Dementia is a group of social symptoms and thinking that tend to interfere with daily life functioning. As it progresses, it can affect one’s ability to dress and undress independently. The disease is characterized by loss of memory, confusion, and difficulty in sequencing and problem-solving. The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s.

Other people can experience perceptual problems like apraxia or dressing dyspraxia. These issues are brought about by brain changes resulting from dementia and creates confusion, especially when dressing.

The symptoms’ effect increases over time, affecting a person’s independence, requiring more dressing assistance. People with dementia should make their own choices and decisions as long as they can. These tips will help maintain their independence when undressing and dressing;

  • Ensure the dressing room has adequate lighting, is private enough, warm, and clutter-free. People with dementia only dress or undress when they feel comfortable.
  • Go for easy on and off clothes. For instance, dresses with large neck and front openings, elastic waistbands, and Velcro closures. If possible, adapt their existing clothes as they feel more comfortable when the items are familiar.
  • Ask them what they want to wear if possible. If they find several options too confusing, offer two items only for them to choose from.
  • Lay the clothes down before dressing and arrange them in order of how they are supposed to be worn, starting with the underwear.
  • People with dementia don’t often self-regulate their bodies. You, therefore, need to ensure they are wearing weather-appropriate clothes.

It’s important to maintain people’s dignity especially those with dementia since its loss can lead to depression and anxiety. In this case, adapted underwear is usually quite helpful. Limited or lack of agility can make dressing and undressing difficult.

Bras are equally challenging to wear and fasten, especially those that clasp at the back since twisting the arms around to reach is tricky. You can alternatively hold the bra with a fastener at the front, turn it around to position and slip your arms through the straps.

Bras with front closures are ideal for people with dementia as they are easy to clasp and unclasp. Wireless bras are also super comfortable, while pull-on ones, camisoles, and fitted vests also work well.

Causes of Dementia

Dementia is typically caused by damaged brain cells. The damage tends to interfere with the brain cell’s communication affecting feelings, thinking, and behavior. The brain features distinct regions, each responsible for different functions. A part cannot function normally when the cells in that particular area are damaged.

Dementia is associated with different types of brain cell damage in other parts of the brain. For instance, in Alzheimer’s, high protein levels outside and inside the brain cells make it difficult to communicate and stay healthy.

The center of memory and learning in the brain is known as the hippocampus, and the brain cells in that particular area are usually the first to get damaged. This is why memory loss is among the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s.

Dementia Care and Treatment

Dementia treatment typically depends on the cause. For the progressive ones, there’s no treatment or cure to slow or stop their progression. However, you can get drug prescriptions to improve the symptoms temporarily. Plus, other non-drug therapies can help ease dementia symptoms.

Risk and Prevention

You cannot change some risk factors such as genetics and age for dementia. However, researchers are still exploring the impact of other risk factors on preventing dementia and brain health.

From the 2019 Alzheimer’s International Conference, research shows that adopting a healthy lifestyle choice can lower the risk of dementia and cognitive decline.

Best Bras for Dementia

If you are short on time, watch this video on best bras for the elderly with dementia.

Here are some of the best bras for dementia:

#1.  Silvert’s Disabled Elderly Front Closing Bra

Silvert's Disabled Elderly Front Closing Bra


The bra comes in cup sizes A to D with a true to size fit made with a blend of cotton fabric and features wide straps for additional comfort. The front closure makes it an easy off and off bra ideal for people with dementia and those with limited dexterity.

The bra additionally has secure, easy fastener front hooks and large finger loops for comfortable grasping. The palm of your hands and two fingers are all you need to open and close this bra. It’s super comfortable and offers light breast support.

#2.  Easy Open Velcro Front Closure Bra

Easy Open Velcro Front Closure Bra


It’s an easy to fasten Velcro bra with expert design and superior comfort. The bra sizes range from S to XXL and come in different colors. It’s uniquely designed for easy care and ease of use. It comes with removable pads that provide light support with coverage and smooth contour.

The smooth hidden seams eliminate any bulkiness avoiding pressure, pinching, and irritation. It’s made with a blend of spandex, modal, and cotton for a luxurious natural feel against the skin. Besides, the fiber is breathable to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. The bra is machine washable.

#3.  Amoena Women’s Hannah Front Closure Wire-Free Comfort Bra

Amoena Women's Hannah Front Closure Wire-Free Comfort Bra


Amoena Front Close Wire-Free Bra is made with a blend of cotton and spandex with an extended size range up to 4XL. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable, perfect for women with sensitive skin. The front closure makes it easy to wear and take off, making it one of the best bras for dementia.

The bra features adaptable Velcro straps for added ease and comfort. The breathable fabric helps wick moisture away from the body, keeping you fresh all day long. The underband is soft and wide to offer additional support and keep the breasts securely in place while the fabric provides a non-restrictive and snug fit. It can only be hand washed.

#4.  Comfi Bra

Comfi Bra


Comfi Bra is available in a wide array of sizes ranging from 34BC to 44DDD. The bra is beautiful, super comfortable, wire-free, with a poppers front closure for ease of use. It’s lined and features wide padded shoulder straps for extra comfort. The detailing on the top edges adds a feminine touch.

The bra is made from high quality, breathable, luxurious Pima cotton fabric with a touch of stretch and feels soft on the skin. It’s super comfortable, ideal for chilling, sleeping, and everyday wear. It’s uniquely designed for comfort, shaping and offers medium support. It’s easy to fit and comes in black and white.

#5.  Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Wireless Comfort Bra

Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Wireless Comfort Bra


Carole Martin Front Close Wireless Comfort Bra is made with a multidirectional stretch blend of nylon and spandex that cradles the body in ultimate comfort, giving you a smooth fit from every angle. The bra offers light to medium breast support and is available in cup sizes B to D. The hook and eye front closure makes it easy to wear and take off.

The bra also features extra-wide straps that stay on the shoulders throughout the day and reduce back pain. This superior comfort bra is lightweight that you’ll even forget you have it on, fits just like a second skin, and is true to size.

The bra is perfect for any occasion and different clothing types from casual to business. It’s one of the best bras for dementia and is super comfortable, and can double up as a sleep bra for women who want support at night.

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