How Much Do Lift Chairs Cost?

How Much Do Lift Chairs Cost?

Most elderly people with muscle fatigue and joint ailments experience difficulty when they want to sit or stand from chairs. Having a lift chair can help improve the situation by enabling them have easier movement and less chances of getting injured when trying to sit or stand.

Similar to most furniture pieces, lift chairs are designed in different ways. Some of the things to consider when looking for the perfect lift chair for an elderly person include price, brand quality and features. Another thing to look out for is the material used on the chair because it should be comfortable for the patient.

American Recliner
American Recliner Lift Chair


A lift chair should enable to move easily as well as provide the user with relief from the pain they experience in their daily life. There are different causes of pain such as age, injury, joint ailment or surgery which may make it difficult for one to conduct their daily activities.

A recline lift chair is the perfect tool to help someone with such issues experience some pain relief. However, how much a lift chair costs plays an important part on the type of product you end up purchasing for your loved one. If the user has difficulty with sitting and standing, the lift feature of these chairs will help make the process easy for them.

Naturally, how much money should someone invest on this essential piece of furniture? This is mainly determined by the user’s needs, the features you’re looking for and how often the lift feature is going to be used.

The first recline chair was invented in 1927 by La-Z-Boy and given their 90-year experience in innovation design, you can never go wrong with their products. The company has a team of talented and qualified consultants who know and understand the customer’s needs and work to create affordable lift chairs.

Also available in the market are lift chairs which include additional features such as massage or a heated seat, which are great additional features for therapeutic benefits. Other important additional features to look out for include a footrest extension, stain resistant fabric, adjustable back and width as well as an electrical hand controller. However, how much do lift chairs cost will be determined by some of the luxurious feature than are found on them.

Mega Motion LC-200 Lift Chair
Mega Motion LC-200 Lift Chair


How Much Do Lift Chairs Cost?

Similar to other types of furniture, lift chairs vary in size and design. If you’re wondering how much do lift chairs cost, they have different prices which range between $799 up to more than $4,000. The prices are normally determined by the type of features that are found on a recliner lift chair.

For example, the best lift chairs for elderly have features such as massage functions, which are not available on other regular lift chairs. Therefore, they tend to be pricier than regular power lift chairs for elderly.

When looking for an affordable lift chair, the retailer and brand you choose will also determine the price. Other features such as the type of technology, size and how many positions the chair reaches will also affect the price.

Multiple Lift Positions

Most lift chairs can be reclined to multiple positions. Position one is the upright chair. This position enables the user’s back to be in an upright position. If they want to stand, the chair has a button which enables it to bend forward, enabling them to stand.

Position two is when the chair reclines at a 45-degerr angle. The angle allows the user to relax and watch TV. There are lift chairs that can recline even further, enabling the user to sleep without difficulty. When shopping for a lift chair, consider the number of positions it comes with.


Some of the most reputable lift chair brands in the market include Watson’s and La-Z-Boy. Both companies have a wide selection of recliner lift chairs which can be found at affordable prices. A lift chair is a perfect piece of furniture to add in your home, especially if you suffer from ailments like Parkinson’s or arthritis. Depending on your need and preferences, look for a lift chair that will best fulfill all your requirements.

But before you go on an buy, it’s important to learn the pros and cons of lift chairs.


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