9 Best Bras for Seniors

9 Best Bras for Seniors

Which are the best bras for seniors? Read our guide for the top bras that are super comfortable, fit well and are stylish.

Bras are essential in a woman’s life. However, how often do we give them any thought? Wearing an ill-fitting bra can lead to health concerns. This is why it’s important for elderly women to have correctly fitting bras. Ideally, you need a different bra for different occasions.

Still, it’s believed that two out of every three women are wearing the wrong bra size. In this guide, we’ll highlight the best bras for elderly folks. These bras have been carefully selected as they check off the list of important things you want in a bra.

Generally, the best bras for seniors should provide some amount of support, be comfortable, and convenient. The bras should also be suitable for people suffering from back pain, arthritis, or impaired vision. This means that they should be easy to put on as well as remove.

9 Best Bras for Seniors

If you are short on time, watch this video listing the best bras for seniors.



1. Roza Mehendi Soft Cup Bra


What makes the Mehendi Soft Cup Bra one of the best bras for the elderly? This is the bra you want if you are looking for seamless shaping of your breasts. The bra has two smooth cups with moisture-wicking capability.

The well-cushioned, comfortable straps relieve pressure and offer maximum support on the shoulders. Also, the bra’s fusion fabric technology helps to eliminate bulges.

Spandex is also used to make the bra. This ensures the lingerie stretches well as you engage in different activities.

2. Carole Martin Full-Freedom Comfort Bra

Carole Martin Full-Freedom Comfort Bra


The Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Bra is made of nylon and spandex. The nylon makes the bra stretchy from every angle, while the latter has  a velvety and sleek feel. This bra for elderly women is not cushioned and doesn’t have an underwire. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the wires digging in.

This bra with broad straps stays in place and does not cause back discomfort. You can wear it for leisure, with formal wear, at home, and also while sleeping.

3. Playtex Women’s Front-Close Full Coverage Bra

Playtex Women’s Front-Close Full Coverage Bra


Frilly bras do not offer much in terms of utility. However, the Playtex Front-Close Bra, is both visually appealing and versatile. This bra is great if you are looking for performance and look.

The upper parts of the bra provide complete covering while the broad straps will not dig into your delicate skin. The round shaped cups keep breast spillage to a minimum, while the smooth, wide back  provides support.

The material in the back is stretchy, which is important in allowing you to move freely.

4. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Wonderwire Front Close Bra

Glamorise Women’s Plus-Size Elegance Front-Close Lace Underwire Bra


The Glamorise Front Close Bra is designed for older women with large boobs. Large breasts require adequate support and attention, and this bra provides them.

The bra features a supportive and well-cushioned band that shapes and supports your big breasts. As a result, the underwire does not cut into your skin. For convenience, the zipper is located at the front.

The materials used have moisture-wicking properties while the wide and padded straps are adjustable. There’s also lovely lace material covering the cups.

5. Leading Lady Women’s Plus Size Sleep Leisure Cotton Bra

Leading Lady Women’s Plus Size Sleep Leisure Cotton Bra


Bras made of cotton are comfy because they feel smooth on the skin and are ventilated. That is the reason why the Leading Lady Plus Size Cotton Bra is loved by seniors. The bra features a small amount of spandex that ensures an adaptable fit when you’re moving about.

The broad straps prevent the bra from fall off or sliding off, the cups offer full coverage and the flexible fabric that support the breasts well.

This bra has a flexible cup which can accommodate up to two consecutive sizes.

6. Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination Front Close Bra

Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination Front Close Bra


The Vanity Fair Illumination Front Close Bra is convertible in three ways; standard,  criss-crossed pattern, and versatility. The full coverage bra has a front closure.

A satin lining inside the bra is super-soft and pleasing. The cups are cushioned for comfort, while the underwire does not poke the flesh.

The straps are covered with a satin fabric that makes them soft. Moreover, the adjustable straps do not cut into your shoulders and can be easily adjusted in the back.

7. Just My Size Women’s Super Sleek Front-Close bra

Just My Size Women’s Super Sleek Front-Close bra


One of the best bras for seniors or the elderly is the Just My Size Wire-Free  Bra. The bra has two seamless cups that contour to the shape of your body without exposing much. There are also side panels that support, lift, and contain the sisters.

The wire-free, contoured bra offers the true definition of relaxation. The elasticity of the material takes care of support, while the broad straps and back offer lift. This is one of the best bras for women with arthritis.

8. Champion Women’s Zip Sports Bra

Champion Women’s Zip Sports Bra


Some of the best bras for seniors and the elderly are also available in athletic styles. One of these bras is  Champion Zip Sports Bra. The bra has classic cups and is simple to put on and take off.

The bra is made of moisture-wicking material, while the cups are contoured for maximum comfort. The bra also has ventilated mesh panels that improve breathable. This is one of the best sports bras for elderly women.

9. EasyComforts Women’s Snap Front Closure Luxury

EasyComforts Women’s Snap Front Closure Luxury


EasyComforts Snap Front Closure Bra is a shaping bra that is recommended for the elderly. If you don’t like your breasts looking plummy, this bra is your savior.

The bra is comfortable, is made of breathable cotton and has no underwire nor cushioning. The snap-front closing. soft cups and  broad straps make it a good bra for women with dexterity problems.


From our customer reviews, the Mehendi Soft Cup Bra is the best bra for seniors with standard cup sizes. The bra offers medium to light support and has a smooth lace fabric.

The bra’s material stretches in all directions and cradles your breasts well. Moreover, it feels smooth on the skin. The straps do not dig into the shoulders. This bra is so comfortable that you can even wear it while sleeping.

While the is our top choice, you can still go for any of the other bras for seniors that we have listed above.

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