Best Glucose Meter with Cheapest Strips

Best Glucose Meter with Cheapest Strips

As we age, mostly after getting to 35 years and over, we are usually prone to certain common diseases that can affect anyone especially when the symptoms are not checked regularly. It’s always advisable to have the best glucose meter with cheapest strips at your disposal as a precautionary measure.

The most common condition is diabetes. In this case, the blood sugar level is usually higher than what is perceived to be normal. People diagnosed with diabetic symptoms are advised to get blood glucose meters to help them monitor their blood sugar level. Pancreas is the body organ that maintains the glucose level. The organ releases insulin that extracts glucose from what we eat then transfers it to different cells in the body to give us energy.

A condition like diabetes is incurable. However, you can always steer clear of the consequences by maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. In most cases, diabetes is usually genetic but can also happen to people with a habit of eating unhealthy foods.

Glucose meter is a handy tool for individuals struggling with diabetes.  The condition is irreversible but you can check your blood glucose levels regularly to delay the consequences for life. Generally, the glucose meter is a medical tool with the ability to show the estimated concentration of your blood sugar level in the body digitally. The device features a digital screen that usually displays the sugar level in mmol/l or mg/dl.

Most people use the glucose meter to monitor their blood sugar levels at the comfort of their homes. Doctors aim at controlling type 1 and 2 diabetes by checking the sugar level frequently and subsequently keeping it at lower levels even in cases of hypoglycemia.

Best Glucose Meter with Cheapest Strips

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1. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Monitor

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Monitor


Accu-Chek is a well-known organization that manufactures blood glucose meters. The monitor comes in handy for diabetic patients dealing with different conditions from prediabetes to type1 diabetes. The product is optimal in performance, size and usage meeting ISO standardization. It will help you monitor your blood sugar level.


  • You can flag then download your test results
  • The product effectively tests blood sugar level in the body
  • It’s automatically coded when you open another test strip
  • The device features visual cross checks of this blood sugar test results
  • It comes with a feature that helps track average outcome of the test


  • The device is budget-friendly and inexpensive
  • Features straightforward mechanisms making operating it quite easy
  • It comes with a built-in reminder feature
  • The memory capacity of the blood samples is above 500


  • The device only comes with ten strips
  • You need to set it up before use

2. One-Touch Select Simple Glucose Meter

One-Touch Select Simple Glucose Meter


OneTouch is working to build a great community of patients dealing with diabetes and also have beneficiary reward for those enrolling in the community or buy a glucose meter. The glucometer from this organization is the thinnest in the market but comes with great features. The device is budget-friendly and the test strips cheaper as compared to the other brands.


  • The product is quite simple
  • It comes with audio signals and color sure technology that makes understanding your blood sugar level easier
  • The device uses a select plus test strip
  • The glucose meter is ISO standardized
  • Requires little blood to carry out a test


  • The device comes with voice and color indicators
  • The memory capacity of this glucose meter goes above 500 blood samples
  • It’s easy to use at the comfort of your home
  • The device doesn’t require any pre-set-up processes


  • Sometimes the quality of the strips is not checked
  • The device comes with few strips

3. Morepen Gluco One Glucometer

Morepen Gluco One Glucometer


Dr. Morepen manufactures different types of gadgets ranging from weighing scale, thermometers, glucose meters and other things. The glucose meters are quite effective and come in different multicolored strips. The entire package consists of a plastic case, lancing battery, 10 lancets and the glucometer. The product doesn’t need pre-coding and gives the user about 300 correct readings.


  • The device is smartly designed for you to carry out the tests accurately, comfortably, and quickly
  • The product is strictly for home use and doesn’t display other health-related outcomes
  • The glucometer is fast and gives quick results
  • It’s quite small about 0.5 microliters
  • The product has a memory capacity of 300 samples


  • Productive and aesthetically appealing to use
  • The storage option is effective
  • The glucometer provides 300 correct readings
  • It comes with an in-built beeper alert feature


  • The package only comes with 25 strips
  • The strips are not always durable

4. Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitor

Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitor


Bayer is among the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company manufactures handy and affordable glucose meters in the market. The device features a large display screen than other brands and is also easy to use since it doesn’t require pre-setup processes. The package comes with about 50 test strips and a memory capacity of 600 correct readings.


  • The device is ISO standardized
  • The product doesn’t require pre-coding because there’s automatic coding anytime you insert a new strip
  • The glucometer is quite fast
  • The sample size of the device is about 0.6 microliters and comes with an underfill feature for detection
  • The device is designed for use with capillary blood and venous


  • The mechanisms for use are quite easy to employ
  • The device has a memory capacity of about 300 blood samples
  • The display screen is wider
  • Where to insert the strip is usually marked efficiently
  • The device comes with about 25 test strips


  • The device is slow in terms of performance
  • You need to restart the device frequently as it tends to hang

5. Accu-Chek Performa Glucometer Kit

Accu-Chek Performa Glucometer Kit


Accu-Chek Glucose Meter is quite fast compared to other brands in the market. The device has advanced features – one push navigation button and infrared transfer system of data that works instantly. Compared to other strips, these ones are relatively cheap.


  • The device effectively tests blood sugar level in the body
  • The product features auto-coding anytime you open the new test strips container
  • The device features double checks display of the tests’ outcome
  • The device comes with an average test results tracking feature
  • You can flag and also download the test results
  • The glucometer is equipped with in-built safety features


  • The glucometer is easy to operate
  • Accu-Check is the most preferred and trusted brand when it comes to glucometers
  • The glucometer comes with about 95 test strips


  • The device is quite expensive
  • Using this device can be hard sometimes

6. OneTouch Verio Flex Glucose Monitoring System

OneTouch Verio Flex Glucose Monitoring System


OneTouch is known to manufacturer some great products and also has a community that helps diabetic patients. The glucose meter is one of their best products. The device can connect to an android phone and also provide a memory capacity of about 500 samples of blood. It’s user-friendly and allows diabetic patients to keep track of their results on their phones efficiently.


  • The device features tracking highlights and notifies you anytime you are not in range
  • The product has a logbook feature – where you can turn the blood sugar results samples to snapshots simultaneously with your activity and food levels
  • You can share the results data with your personal doctor, friends or relatives
  • The device works quite fast
  • The device is designed with a 0.4 microliters sample size for minimal pain
  • A color-sure technology notifies you when the blood sugar level gets high and always ensures you are within range


  • You can get visual snapshots of the blood sugar levels
  • The device usually highlights events
  • The glucometer is not expensive
  • The device is easy to operate and is quite small


  • The storage memory of the device tends to lag
  • You will experience some performance issues with this glucometer

7. AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitoring System

AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitoring System


If you want to monitor your blood sugar levels at the comfort of your home, this glucose meter is your best bet. The device has 25 different test strips and an alarm feature that notifies you of scheduled test times and dates. The AccuSure Glucose Monitor will also give you information on the effectiveness of your treatments.


  • The device is one of the best glucometers for home use in the market
  • The product is uniquely designed to help you beat targets and also blood suage level
  • The device provides professional advice when it comes to diabetes medication, diet and exercise


  • You can keep and maintain a logbook daily
  • The glucometer usually records trends
  • The device is affordable
  • The glucose meter is efficient and easy to use


  • The device comes with 25 test strips only
  • The display doesn’t reach the mark

What to Look for When Buying a Glucometer

Diabetes is a common life-threatening health condition all over the world. That’s why we have highlighted some of the best glucose meter with cheapest strips in the market. Diabetes is incurable but you can delay its consequences.

If you look into the explanation behind diabetes, it’s said that it tends to occur when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin to transmit into the body cells. As a result, the excess sugar gets mixed up with blood leading to other different consequences.

Glucometers help diabetic patients track their blood sugar levels daily. Knowing your blood sugar levels everyday makes you aware of your health and will also improve your workout and diet regime and bring it back on track. However, it would be best if you remembered some of these important points before investing in a glucose meter.


Ensure the glucose meter is ISO standardized and also gives accurate results as per the ISO guidelines. Glucometers that give inaccurate readings can mislead you.

Easy to Use

Ensure the glucometer is easy to operate as most of them usually require coding for the blood samples. Ensure the device has a built-in automatic coding system so that you can use it right away.

In-Built Memory

An ideal glucose meter should come with an in-built memory to keep track of the test results and also come up with an average figure. Currently, most glucometers in the market have this feature that helps monitor blood sugar levels in the body and share them with your personal doctor, friends, and family.


When working on a budget, ensure you check the number of strips in your package. Go for a glucose meter with at least 20 high quality strips.

Color-Sure Feature

Currently, many manufacturers create glucose meters with the color-sure feature. It helps the patient monitor the current and past blood sugar levels and when you are not within range.

FAQs About Best Glucose Meter with Cheapest Strips

What is the best glucose meter with cheapest strips?

Accu-Check active comes with the cheapest strips. However, you should choose a glucose meter that suits your needs.

Which is the best Glucometer?

There are several known companies that manufacture glucose meters.

Are the Glucose meters accurate?

Most of these glucometers are 95% accurate as per the world’s standards

Why are the strips expensive?

The test strips are quite expensive since they are usually counted as necessities with the companies acquiring the biggest percentage of the profits.

Does squeezing your fingers affect blood sugar levels?

Squeezing a finger is not advisable especially when testing your blood sugar levels as it can interfere with the readings and give you inaccurate results.

How is a glucometer operated?

  • Extract blood from your finger using the needle provided on the strip. The sample size of the blood should be about 0.4 microliters.
  • Ensure the strip absorbs the blood
  • Insert the test strip on the glucometer at the point of insertion
  • You will get your results after about eight seconds

Are glucose meters safe?

Glucose meters are meant for home use only. Glucometers are very safe to sue since the blood extracted is very little and the process is not painful at all.

Can you share your glucometer?

It’s always not advisable to share a glucometer. However, it’s not unsafe to share a kit as the most essential part is the test strip. Ensure the strip packets are separate for two different patients.

From the above recommendations of the best glucose meter with cheapest strips get one that suits your needs to keep your blood sugar levels on track.

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