Best Bras for Elderly With Sagging Breasts

Best Bras for Elderly With Sagging Breasts

Aging comes with many good things. However, there is one thing that isn’t so great about getting older: sagging breasts. If the sisters have started sagging, you are not alone. It’s natural for the breasts to start drifting southward as you get older.

If you have saggy breasts, there are particular bras that can help you address the issue. For example, there are specific bras that offer lift and support the breasts. These bras help to reduce sagging.

When the breasts sag, they may jiggle while you’re participating in sports activities. However, by wearing the right bra, you can get the breasts lifted and in shape. Knowing your correct bra size is the key to finding the best bra for elderly women with sagging breasts. No matter your age, a properly fitted bra makes your breasts appear lifted, perky, and upright.

Before buying a bra, check the band size. The bra band provides almost all of the support in a bra. The weight of your breasts will pull down the front of your bra if your band is too loose. Therefore, before buy a bra, measure your band size. Here is a guide on how to measure your bra band size.

With that out of the way, let’s look at the best bras for seniors with sagging breasts.

9 Best Bras for Elderly with Sagging Breasts

If you are short on time, watch this video on best bras for older ladies with sagging breasts.


1. Roza Mehendi Push Up Bra


This Mehendi Push Up Bra is what you need if you’re looking for lift and support. The bra is cozy and does not poke. This bra elevates your bosoms to the level they should be with multi-seamed panels and its signature design.

The cushioned “stay-put” straps ease shoulder tension, while the molded jersey-lined cups give you a naturally rounded contour.

2. Cottonique Women’s Hypoallergenic Drawstring Bra

Cottonique Women’s Hypoallergenic Drawstring Bra


Cottonique’s Women’s Hypoallergenic Bra  is one of the best bras for elderly with sagging breasts or those who need a little help getting dressed every day. The bra is made of chemical-free cotton fabric and has adjustable straps for comfort and support.

The soft and comfortable pure cotton fabric absorbs moisture, since it has good air permeability. Moreover, it is delicate, non-irritating, safe, and comfortable.

The bra has a ribbed fabric at the back for comfort, and is latex-free. This is one of the best organic cotton bras on the market.

3. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Sports Bra

Glamorise Women's Full Figure MagicLift


The Glamorise Women’s Full Figure MagicLift is ideal for plus-size elderly women thanks to its MagicLift technology on the band. The bra lifts and provides adequate support without the need for underwire. Its inner bust band is also cushioned for comfort.

This bra for elderly women has a front hook and eye closure, and is made of 75% polyester, 20% polyamides, and 5% elastane. The bra provides complete coverage.

4. Elomi Women’s Cate Soft Cup Bra

Elomi Women’s Cate Soft Cup Bra


Elomi Women’s Cate Soft Cup Bra has a smooth satin look that makes it appealing. Its 3-piece cups with extra fabric provide support and hold the ladies in place. The bra also has a wide elastic under-band that prevents roll-up and keeps everything in place.

5. Bali Women’s Double-Support Underwire Bra

Bali Women's Double-support Spa-Closure Wire-free Bra


The Bali Women’s Double-Support Undewire Bra also makes it on lur life of the best bras for elderly women with sagging breasts. The bra’s soft inner lining  makes the ladies feel like they’re enveloped in a comfortable blanket. The band is constructed of elastic fabric, allowing for a comfortable, non-restrictive fit.

The underwires are a soft dream as well. They are padded and wrapped in luxurious softness. The comfort underwire lifts the sisters appropriately. Oh, and did I mention the sweet petal design on the sides that contour the breasts on the side for a well-rounded boost?

6. Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra

Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra


The Playtex Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra is both attractive and supportive. The TruSUPPORT design by Playtex lifts sagging breasts while providing adequate support.

The cups of this bra for elderly women beautifully shape your breasts.

7. Just My Size JMS Easy-On Front Close Wirefree Bra

Just My Size JMS Easy-On Front Close Wirefree Bra


The JMS Easy-On Front Close Wirefree Bra has wide cushioned pressure straps on the shoulders for maximum comfort. The bra’s laminated inner cups feature a stretch satin floral fabric that is supportive as well as pretty.

This nylon/polyester/spandex blend bra is the best for sagging breasts after menopause.

8. Warner’s Women’s Easy Does It No Dig Wirefree Bra

Warner's Women's Easy Does It No Dig Wire-free Bra


 Warner’s No-dig Wirefree Bra is ideal for senior women because of its unique characteristics, such as the wide band. The bra boasts an open back, hook-and-eye closure for easy wearing and removing, as well as snaps on the front bands for quick and easy adjustments.

The bra has a traditional design, is constructed of high-quality nylon, and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. This is one of the best bras for elderly women with sagging breasts.

9. Chantelle Women’s Revele Moi Underwire Bra

Chantelle Women’s Revele Moi Underwire Bra


Here’s a little-known fact: you can still be sexy at your old age.

With large cups that give good support and comfort, the The wonderfully gorgeous Chantelle Women’s Revele Moi Underwire Bra is sexy yet modest. The bra is light on the body and delivers enough of lift and support thanks to its four-part cup structure.

This seniors bra has double-lined smoothing bands that smooth out any back lumps or bumps. Moreover, its flat seams avoid obvious show through.


As we get older, our skin’s suppleness begins to degrade, resulting in changes to our breasts. For seniors, the breasts stop being firm, bouncy, and shapely as they used to be. Their size may also change due to  decrease production of estrogen in your body.

Our bras must change to accommodate our evolving bodies. What you were wearing in your younger years may no longer be viable in your senior years. Switch your ill-fitting bras with soft, supportive options that are still sexy. We recommend the Roza Mehendi Push Up Bra.

Without a question, underwire bras are the best bra for seniors. However, if you prefer wireless bras, go for those with side support panels and padding in the cups. These two features provide lift to the breasts while ensuring you are still comfortable.

As you can see from our list, you don’t have to settle for granny bras. There is a variety of gorgeous, sexy bras that will lift and support the sisters to perfection.

These 9 best bras for seniors with sagging breasts will provide you with support, comfort and allow you to appreciate the benefits of your advanced years.

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