Best Sleeping Recliners for the Elderly

Best Sleeping Recliners for the Elderly

Sleeping recliners have become more popular over the last few years. The recliners not only help to relieve back pain, but are also great for relaxing at home. Read this sleeping recliners review to know the best options in the market.

Types of Recliner Chairs

There are many sleeping recliner brands in the market. For this reason, it can be quite a challenge determining which recliner will be best for you. Below are the main types of recliner chairs.

Rocker Recliner

Rocker Recliner

This chair rocks to make you fall asleep. The chair is recommended for people suffering from insomnia and can be used as a bed. Nursing moms will also find the chair helpful when they want to rock their babies to sleep.

Push-Back Recliner

Push-Back Recliner

This chair is excellent for contemporary-styled rooms. The chair is mainly used for relaxing while engaging in entertainment such as watching TV.

Wall-Hugger Recliner

Wall-Hugger Recliner

This chair has fewer movements and is designed to allow you to sit and stand up from it easily. The sleep recliner occupies a smaller space and hence, is suitable for people with smaller rooms.

Massage Recliner

Massage Recliner

This chair has a number of massage functions. The chair has a lifting mechanism and is designed to massage your legs and back.

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3 Best Recliners for Sleeping – Editor Recommendation


3 Top Rated Sleeping Recliners

There are a number of reasons why the above furniture is the best sleeping recliner for the elderly in the market. Some of the reasons are their reclining mechanism, build quality, and upholstery. Below is an overview of the recliners.

The Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG stands out for its excellent upholstery. The chair easily fits any area of the house and has a good reclining mechanism. The recliner is comfortable and has adequate padding.

The Dorel Living recliner is a decent piece of equipment with a smooth reclining mechanism. This recliner features a unique, tall back design and is well-padded in all areas. The recliner is a robust construction with microfiber upholstery. Its wide design makes it an excellent recliner for all people.

Finally, the Homelegance 9668 BRW-1 recliner finishes this list of the best recliners for sleeping. The recliner is an excellent equipment that features bonded leather upholstery that is easy to maintain. The chair is wide and padded everywhere for a relaxing experience. Its arms come in the traditional roll design.

Choosing the Best Sleeping Recliner for Elderly

The prices of sleep recliners vary depending on various factors such as design and features. You should strike a balance between cost and features when evaluating different types of recliners. If you simply want recliners for leisure, go for cheaper options. On the other hand, if you want a recliner due to medical reasons, carefully consider the features of the one you wish to buy.

  • Features

Recliners come with different features. Among the features you may want include built-in massage, side pockets, cup holders, heating functions, and so on.

  • Upholstery

The maintenance, aesthetics, and durability of a recliner can be determined by the type of upholstery it has. If you want a visually appealing recliner, choose those with full-grain leather. However, those recliners require a lot more care and maintenance.

Other materials used to make recliner upholstery include polyester, wool, microfiber and acrylic. Find out the pros and cons of the materials to know what to expect of the upholsteries of various recliners.

  • Build quality

Recliners are made from various materials that determine their quality. Some of the materials used to make sleep recliners include cushions, metal coils, leather, and metal frames.

If you have back pain, choose recliners with metal coils. Cushioned recliners are also comfortable. If you want a rocking recliner, go for those with metal frames.

7 Best Reclining Chair Reviews

If you are short on time, watch this video on best reclining chairs.


#1. Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG-

Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG


  • It rocks back and forth
  • Has a lever control
  • Has overstuffed padding on the back, arms and seat
  • The seat is extra-wide
  • It is a plush recliner

The Flash Furniture plush recliner is one of the best sleep recliners in the market mainly due to its features. The recliner will keep you relaxed thanks to its rocking feature that soothes both babies and adults. Its design makes it excellent for both nursing moms and anyone looking to relax.

The Flash Furniture has plush upholstered back and arm cushions that make sitting in it comfortable. On the side, there is a lever that you can use to adjust the recliner to various positions. The recliner has leather upholstery and is easy to maintain. From Flash Furniture reviews online, it is clear it is one of the best leather recliners in the market.

The Flash Furniture recliner is wide enough to accommodate people of different sizes. It also has generous paddings that deliver excellent comfort. The recliner is cushioned with CA117 retardant foam and is therefore durable.


The Flash Furniture recliner comes with different features, is durable and excellent for anyone looking for a recliner for long term needs.

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#2. Dorel Living Slim Recliner Beige

Dorel Living Slim Recliner Beige


  • Offered with 1-year warranty
  • Has a smooth reclining mechanism
  • Has a tall back design
  • Has wide arms
  • The seat is thickly padded

The Dorel Living recliner chair has a slim profile and can fit nearly any room in your house. The recliner has a tall back for optimal support, features beige microfiber and its arms are wide enough to keep your arms relaxed. You will feel comfortable when seated on the chair.

The Dorel Living recliner seat has a thick padding and its position can be easily adjusted. You can lean back and recline the chair to raise the footrest. The recliner’s smooth pushback mechanism makes it easy to reach the most comfortable position you would like.

The plush and laid back design of the recliner makes it the right choice for anyone. Its tufted-channel back cushion also makes it excellent for relaxing while you are reading your favorite book or watching TV.

The Dorel Living recliner comes fully assembled and has a one-year warranty.


The Dorel Living recliner features a cozy design and is great for both nursing mothers as well as anyone looking to relax.

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#3. Homelegance 9668 BRW-1 Recliner

Homelegance 9668 BRW-1 Recliner


  • Has gliding motion in the absence of recline
  • The reclining mechanism has a lever action #2
  • Has a tufted-channel design
  • The arms are rolled
  • Has bonded leather upholstery

The Homelegance recliner has some classic features, with the unique Center Hill Collection being its highlight. This recliner features a rich bonded leather upholstery and is a good addition to the living room. It is visually appealing and elegant.

Homelegance’s reclining mechanism is made possible through a lever that’s on the side. The recliner features polyester and cotton fabric that feel soft and comfortable. The materials are also easy to clean in case of any spillage.

The arms of the Homelegance recliner are the traditional roll design. Therefore, when seated on the recliner, you will not feel the same pressure you may feel when seated on regular chairs. If you are not using the reclining mechanism, you can use the chair’s gliding motion.

The Homelegance is wide and can fit people of all sizes. Its framework is made of steel and solid wood and comes fully assembled. The chair also has a matching love seat and sofa, which makes it one of the best reclining sofa options in the market.

Buying this recliner will add aesthetics to your living room.


The Homelegance recliner stands out for its design and features. Its excellent padding makes it one of the most comfortable recliners.

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#4. Flash Furniture BT-7985 Recliner

Flash Furniture BT-7950 Recliner


  • The frame is made of solid wood
  • The armrests have a cup holder
  • Easy to clean
  • Has overstuffed padding
  • The best children’s recliner

The Flash Furniture BT-7985 is made exclusively for kids. The recliner is solidly built, has soft foam and durable upholstery. The kids’ recliner is made of leather, has plush padding for comfort, and comes in a variety of colors.

This recliner for kids has various features that set it apart from the competition. For example, it has a cup holder on the armrest. Therefore, you can avoid possible spills by placing the water cups in the holder. Cleaning the recliner simply requires you to wipe it with a damp cloth.

The Flash Furniture kids’ recliner is made of CA117 fire retardant foam. The chair does not recline unless someone is sitting on it and the footrest is pulled out to one inch. The feet area is also raised a bit to support the leg part.


The Flash Furniture recliner comes with different features that make it safe. This is the best recliner for kids.

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#5. HomCom Leather Massage Recliner

HomCom Leather Massage Recliner


  • Has an attached remote
  • The vibrating massage has 5-preset settings
  • Can spin 360 degrees
  • Reclines fully
  • Made of PU leather

The HomCom is the best recliner for elderly customers. The recliner has various features that make it relaxing and comfortable. The chair is made of high-quality PU leather that gives it an elegant look.

The HomCom recliner comes with a preset massage function. You can set the chair to work on four areas of your body, i.e. the thighs, legs, lumbar and upper back. You can also set the massage function to work at either fast or slow speed.

If you would like to relax your muscles, the reclier has a heating function. The heating and vibration functions help to improve blood circulation in the body. The recliner also has an adjustable backset and thick sponge paddings for comfort.

Finally, there are two cup holders on the HomCom recliner. The cup holders will reduce the chances of your drink spilling while you are relaxing on the chair.


The features of the HomCom make it the best recliner for elderly customers.

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#6. Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner

Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner


  • Has overstuffed padding at armrests and seats
  • Reclines fully to sleeping position
  • The seat is extra wide
  • Bonded leather is used for the upholstery
  • Made of a hardwood frame

The Divano Roma Furniture is the best leather recliner in the market. This is a traditional recliner that stands out for its bonded leather upholstery. The recliner is comfortable thanks to the excellent stuffing it has on the arms, seat and back. The seat has a good back support and is wide enough to fit people of different sizes.

The Divano Roma rocks in a smooth way. Its robust construction makes it durable and intact, even when used for a long time. The recliner is spill-proof and requires little maintenance. The capacity of the chair is excellent and its comfort cannot be denied.

The chair can recline to sleeping position. Therefore, you can use it as a substitute for a bed. Setting up the chair is also easy.


If you are looking for the best leather recliner for lounging or relaxing, the Divano Roma is for you.

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#7. Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91 –BK-GG

Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91 –BK-GG


  • Upholstery is made of soft, black leather
  • Reclining functions are controlled by a lever
  • Has a rocker feature
  • The arms, back, and set and padded
  • Is a plush recliner

If you are looking for the most comfortable recliner, you should check the Flash Furniture which has a rocking feature. The chair is perfect for nursing moms and anyone looking for a recliner for lounging.

The Flash Furniture Men recliner is made of durable upholstery and padded generously at the arms, back, and seat. To get the chair to a reclining position, you simply need to pull or push a lever. The recliner provides excellent support for the back and neck.

This recliner is made of CA117 fire retardant foam that is used to fill the padded seat. Its leather upholstery makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

The chair looks attractive thanks to the plush materials used to make it, including wool, cotton, and silk. The chair is made of robust materials and hence will last long. Sitting on it is very comfortable.


The Flash Furniture recliner comes with various features, with the hallmark being the rocking facility. This is the best recliner for nursing moms.

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FAQs About Recliners

How much do recliner chairs cost?

The features and brand of recliner chairs determine their prices. The cost can range from $100 to $1500.

Where to buy recliner chairs

You can buy recliner chairs either online or through retail stores. Check Walmart for reviews of the best reclining chairs.

What are the best recliner brands?

The best recliner brands in the market are:

·         Homelegance

This online furniture company offers a wide array of products for offices and homes. Its products include chairs, sofas, bedroom furniture, lighting furniture, dining furniture and others. The company is based in Hayward, California and has been in operations since 1985.

·         Dorel Living

This company deliver quality home furniture and is known for its innovative designs. The company manufactures top quality and safe products, mostly made of wood.

·         Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture is one of the well-known furniture companies in the United States. The company manufactures different furniture and also accepts custom orders.

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A recliner chair is not only beneficial for nursing mothers but also for seniors and other people who would like to relax and lounge at home. Some recliners are specifically made to help people with back problems. However, they are comfortable and can be used by anyone who would like a relaxing experience.

The above is an overview of the best recliners for sleeping chairs in the market.

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