Best Electric Bikes for Seniors

Best Electric Bikes for Seniors

Electric bikes for seniors have been on the rise over the years. Whether you just want to catch a ride or are looking to get back in shape.

If you are looking for the best electric bikes for seniors, you are at the right place. These bikes are senior-friendly especially when it comes to exercising since it’s also low-impact. Electric bikes are typically small motors that helps make exercising easy and convenient. These have literally kept older adults off traditional ones over the years. However, for an ideal workout, the elderly will need to put some physical effort.

In addition, electric bikes help keep older adult’s mental health in check while working on their cognitive skills as well. The e bike’s light assist also improves self-esteem and inspire confidence among the elderly with limited mobility issues. Fortunately, there are lots of electric bikes for seniors on the market that are either motor or battery powered. Here’s a round-up of some of the best e-bikes for seniors:

  • Evelo Compass
  • Pedego Boomerang
  • Evelo Galaxy 500
  • Electric Nike Company Model S
  • Lectric XP 2.0
  • Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru
  • Ride1UP Core 5 Step-Thru
  • Aventon Aventure Step-Thru

If you are wondering how we came about with this list, read on.

After going through the list, you probably wondering how these are the best e-bikes for seniors since they are not fast enough and a bit laidback. You can check out on other recommendations of high-speed commuters and electric bikes to suit your needs. There are a few things you need to put into consideration when shopping for the best e-bikes for seniors. For instance, what qualifies one to fall in the bracket of older adults save for their age? Most of these considerations usually involve issues to do with mobility, flexibility and balance. You should also look out for the riding position of the bike as it shouldn’t be too aggressive.

For the most part, when looking for the best electric bikes for seniors, consider whether the person is a first-time rider or not. It’s equally important to put into consideration the time frame one has never been on a bike. We made a list with the elderly in mind. So here goes;

Comfort and Stability – How comfortable and stable are older adults on the electric bike? The best electric bikes for seniors are not only supportive but also help build confidence in all angles in different terrains.

Components and Quality – Check the specs of the e-bike to ensure the manufacturer used good components since there more to a bike than the frame.

Value – These bikes are relatively expensive so be sure to get value for your money. Check out the bike’s craftmanship and components. The company should also account for other intangible variables like brand reputation, customer support and availability of quality in-person services.

Range and Power – Is the electric bike fast enough and how far does it go once charged? For someone shopping for the best electric bikes for seniors these questions usually take centre stage.

Was the electric bike specially designed with older adults in mind? – The designs should be well executed and make to make sense. This question might seem like a no brainer but always check out the specifications.

Some people might argue that bikes are just bikes. However, that is not the case when it comes to older generations of riders.

Best Electric Bikes for Seniors

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Here’s a detailed review of some of the best electric bikes for seniors;

1. Pedego Boomerang Step-Thru

Pedego Boomerang Step-Thru


The Pedego Boomerang Step-Thru is designed in such a way that older adults can get on and off effortlessly. It’s 9inches tall which is a bit lower than the typical bike’s frame at a low point. Boomerang features a low frame that takes little to no effort to climb over. It’s one of the best e-bikes for seniors with balance issues and limited hip movement thanks to the ease with which you can access it.

Pedego Boomerang Step-Thru is powered by 480Wh battery and 500W motor. This gives the bike some extra oomph to typically flatten hills. It also makes accelerating easier. The specs of the bike include hydraulic disc brakes featuring 180mm rotors rear and front and a 7-speed mixed Shimano drivetrain. It additionally features an upright geometry, sweptback handlebar and broad seat that makes it almost resemble a cruise bike.

Just like other bike brands, Pedego Boomerang Step-Thru is backed by the brand’s wide network of different brick-and motor stores for bike service. This bike is specially designed to cater to older adults. The name of this e-bike not only matches its frame and shape but also the target rider.


  • Pedego takes pride in an extensive network of dealers all over the country. This means that test rides, trouble shooting and service are typically near you.
  • The bike has a low frame. It’s quite hard to find an electric bike that you can get on and off with such ease.
  • Pedego Boomerang Step-Thru is ideally spec’d with sizeable hydraulic brakes, Shimano drivetrain, battery and hub motor


  • This electric bike doesn’t work quite well on uneven terrains since the low frame can rub on and catch small objects or curbs.

2. Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3

Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3


Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3 is not only approachable but also a capable commuter that’s easy to handle. This bike is uniquely designed to cater to the elderly city dwellers.

Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3 is relatively low although it’s not the lowest e-bike on our list. It features a 17-inch stepover height that can be navigated with ease as compared to its counterparts especially the RadCity Step-Thru 4. They are both great options for e-bikers, the elderly notwithstanding since they have step-thru frames for ease of use and accessibility.

Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3 is powered by 672Wh power through a rear hub motor. The battery is positioned lower in to the frame at the top of the bottom bracket. It helps keep the gravity centre closer to the surface. The e-bike is spec’d with puncture resistant tires and mechanical disc brakes. It also takes pride in having a built-in rear rack integration on the frame for heavy loads.

Most people love Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3’s component packet that’s thoughtfully spec’d, accessibility and integrated rack. It’s also easy to handle thanks to the unique features which makes it the best electric bike for seniors.


  • Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3 is easy to ride as it features a twist throttle
  • The brand has a great customer care service and has been leading over the years
  • The electric bike features welded racks which makes them better than bold-on bikes
  • Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3 has a lower frame that make it easy to access and use without compromising on performance
  • Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3 features a 672Wh battery power and 750W motor which makes it sturdy with more than enough range.


  • Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3 doesn’t have hydraulic brakes although the mechanical disk brakes work just fine

3. Ride1UP Core 5 Step-Thru

Ride1UP Core 5 Step-Thru


Ride1UP Core 5 Step-Thru is an affordable high-step version that is extremely stable and is slightly upright. It doesn’t have the top tube which makes getting on and off quite easy. It additionally features swept back handlebars to give the electric bike a more comfortable riding position and reduce the reach. It typically shows that the brand thinks about older adults with limited dexterity and those who prefer less bent over and athletic riding positions.

Ride1UP Core 5 Step-Thru is thoughtfully spec’d with 499.2Wh battery with a rear hub motor. The battery is integrated in the frame’s downtube. The bike also comes with mechanical disk brakes and Shimano Altus drivetrain. It’s easy to handle and equally predictable, fun and sporty. However, it’s relatively expensive for an entry level electric bike.


  • Ride1UP Core 5 Step-Thru is fast enough even the motor notwithstanding
  • It’s an absolute stunner for its price. Both ST and XR versions look great with the battery beautifully integrated
  • The bike is easy to handle and you won’t have any problems leaning onto corners
  • Ride1UP Core 5 Step-Thru engages reliably and doesn’t steam instantly
  • Ride1UP Core 5 Step-Thru has great breaking capabilities since it’s lighter than most of the e-bikes on our list


  • The battery is not long-lasting
  • Ride1UP Core 5 Step-Thru is a bit noisy when you engage it on a high speed.

4. Evelo Galaxy 500

Evelo Galaxy 500


Evelo Galaxy 500 is typically a mid-drive beach cruise designed to cater to people with smaller frames. This electric bike features 24-inch wheels with a low overstep design for ease of getting on and off. This design comfortably accommodates seniors with short stature. Plus, it’s one of the most compact e-bikes on the market. This beach cruise electric bike is made for relaxed riding thanks to its upright position.

Evelo Galaxy 500 is a mid-drive motor with 5000V and draws power from battery integrated on the rear rack right above the wheel. It additionally sports Enviolo automatic shifting system, it’s not only super cool but also helps shift gears for a smooth ride. Plus, you wouldn’t have to do any guesswork when cycling. It also features thoughtfully spec’d hydraulic disk brakes which makes it one of the best electric bikes for seniors.

Evelo Galaxy 500 is loved for its smart componentry and compact size. If you are looking for a small yet manageable electric bike, then Evelo Galaxy 500 is your best bet.


  • Evelo Galaxy 500 features Enviolo Automatic transmission that makes shifting gears easy and convenient saving you the hassle that comes with guesswork. This electric bike automatically shifts when cycling
  • The bike features a low step frame for ease of getting on and off
  • Evelo Galaxy 500 is compact making it manageable and is easy to navigate especially around corners
  • It has swept back handlebars and an upright frame so that old generation riders can sit up instead of hunching over
  • The motor power is equally easy to manage and works well for young and old riders alike


  • Evelo Galaxy 500 has a small frame which is quite limiting for taller people

5. Aventon Aventure Step-Thru

Aventon Aventure Step-Thru


Aventon Aventure Step-Thru rides exceptionally well, is stable and has a lot of unique features that makes it stand out from the rest.

Aventon Aventure Step-Thru is powered by 720Wh battery with a 750W rear hub motor. The battery is integrated into the bike’s frame. It has enough power to typically flatten hills and also maintain high speed when riding long distance. The brand pays a lot of attention to detail when making their electric bikes and this one is no exception.

Aventon Aventure Step-Thru stands out since it has features like durable metal fenders and full color LCD display. The low step frame makes getting on and off easy, ideal for the elderly. It’s equally capable of high speeds and additionally features a thumb throttle that makes it move even when you don’t pedal.

Just as in the name, Aventure is an electric bike that’s designed with adventure in mind. It’s predictable and stable in almost all terrains with a bonus of the step-thru frame. This powerful e-bike is friendly to old generation riders.


  • Aventon Aventure Step-Thru is one of the fastest electric bikes. It’s powerful, sturdy and delivers power without overwhelming gentle and new riders.
  • Aventon Aventure Step-Thru features a full color LCD display with a smart battery percentage readout that’s easy to read. It even gets to tell you the number of trees you saved after going electric
  • The battery power is a bit bigger than the standard one.
  • Aventon Aventure Step-Thru comes with metal fenders and usually use some beefy mounts to prevent the bike from rattling when the road is rough
  • Aventon Aventure Step-Thru is uniquely designed


  • Aventon Aventure Step-Thru is bulky and hard to knock over. This can be a drawback for short people.

6. Electric Bike Company Model S

Electric Bike Company Model S


Electric Bike Company Model S is an American made electric cruise bike. This is the closest you can get if you are looking for the best electric bike for seniors that’s made in USA. The company usually source parts from around the world but the bikes are assembled or built in Newport Beach, California where their company is located.

Electric Bike Company Model S has a low step frame that makes getting on and off easy and convenient. The riding position is equally comfortable which makes it one of the best e-bikes for seniors. It comes with thoughtfully designed specs including a one-speed drivetrain, a 576Wh battery power and geared rear hub motor. All Electric Bike Company bikes are usually customizable to allows riders to choose different basket options, battery sizes and the spokes color in the wheels.

Electric Bike Company Model 5 is easy to ride since it’s incredibly comfortable, ideal for jaunts around your neighborhood and the coast. Model Y is great for cruising on the beach.


  • Electric Bike Company Model S is compatible with both class 2 and 3
  • It comes with a standard size basket at the front
  • The starting price is relatively affordable with lots of optional upgrades
  • These electrics bikes are built or assembled in Newport Beach and not shipped from China
  • The bike’s dual battery system usually allows for an extended range
  • Electric Bike Company Model S features a classic cruiser design with customizable options


  • The battery can only be charged on the bike since it’s difficult to remove
  • Just like other beach cruisers, it requires a wider turn radius

7. Lectric XP 2.0

Lectric XP 2.0


Lectric XP 2.0 is relatively affordable and equally easy to handle which makes it one of the best e-bikes for seniors. It’s quite common to spot thousands of electric bikes on the weekends being carried at the back of SUVs and motorhomes bound for the public land or national parks. Electric bikes are quite popular for all the right reasons. They are not only affordable but also easy to carry around since they are foldable. Plus, the rear hub motor is capable and peppy when it comes to dirt.

Lectric XP 2.0 is the best bet if you are shopping for the best e-bike for old generation first time rider. They are small in size and feature fat tires for ease of handling. It also makes them stable enough even on uneven terrains. This 2.0 version is even better as it has additional features such as the suspension fork and a larger carrying capacity.

The best thing about the Lectric XP 2.0 electric bike is that it comes in both a high step and low step options. However, both versions are low enough for ease of getting on and off especially for older adults with limited hip mobility. In reference to the price point, it’s one of the best electric bikes for seniors.


  • Lectric XP 2.0 guarantees value for money. It’s worth the prices for a foldable electric bike
  • It has a powerful and sturdy motor and is equally quick to accelerate
  • Lectric XP 2.0 is foldable for ease of transportation and storage
  • It features a large LCD display that is highly visible with great ride metrics and digital numbers
  • Lectric XP 2.0 has great features for the price which is why is one of the best e-bikes for seniors
  • The new version is fitted with upgraded features like large carrying capacity and a suspension fork


  • Lectric XP 2.0 is bulky and heavy to lift since it weighs 63 pounds
  • You can upgrade to the new version for a smooth ride thanks to the suspension fork

8. Evelo Compass

Evelo Compass


Evelo Compass is a thoughtfully spec’d three-wheel electric bike best suited for older adults who wish to take balancing off cycling. Currently, the elderly are gravitating towards E-bikes which makes e-trikes less popular and Evelo Compass is the best example. If you are afraid of balancing on a traditional bicycle with two wheels, then you need to try out Evelo Compass.

Evelo Compass is a mid-drive electric bike powered by 500W rear motor hub and 504Wh battery. It comes with a Shimano Nexus integrated hub, on-demand throttle, and mechanical disk brakes. This electric bike is relatively big but doesn’t compromise on comfort.

Three-wheeled electric bikes have taken over the market and the Evelo Compass is the best bet for older adults who are looking to take out the balancing act of cycling. Electric trikes are stable enough but you should be careful around corners and when riding on high speeds since they can be a bit unwieldy. However, they work perfectly well on lower speeds but the design is not ideal when it comes to fast cornering. These are some of the things you need to consider before getting a trike.

When it comes to three-wheeled electric bikes, Evelo Compass ticks all the right boxes especially in terms of stability and balancing.


  • Evelo Compass’s riding position is super comfortable since it’s upright, so you don’t have to hunch your back
  • Evelo Compass is an exceptionally powerful motor
  • This electric bike work perfectly well for all riders young and old alike
  • The low-step design makes getting on and off easy and convenient especially for seniors with limited hip mobility
  • This electric bike has enough storage room
  • It features brake switches that make parking easy


  • The rear fenders are not sturdy
  • You can only try the bike on low power when you are not used to balancing on a trike since it’ not the same as a regular two-wheeled electric bike


The best electric bikes for seniors will keep them cycling for the longest time, age notwithstanding either for fun or to get into shape. Most people stop riding bikes when they get old but electric bikes are here to change the narrative.

Electric bikes are known to be the greatest equalizers when it comes to cycling. In the past, cycling as a mode of transport and sport was reserved for those who were considered relatively young. Plus, you had to be fit to take on the sport. Enter e-bikes. Electric bikes are designed to allow anyone irrespective of age, fitness ability or level to cycle comfortably and have fun while at it owing to their battery and small motor.

E-bikes flatten hills, accelerates faster and allows the riders to choose how much they want to engage their bodies physically. You can’t talk of bike democratization without mentioning electric bikes. The impact of e-bikes has been felt by a few demographics even more than the old generation riders. These bikes give cycling enthusiasts a chance to keep riding even in old age while helping others to rediscover their passion for the sport.

Electric bikes are more forgiving and less intimidating. It makes you think of when you were younger and stronger with enough energy to ride around the neighborhood on a regular two-wheeled bike. You can choose one that suits your needs from the above recommendations of 9 of the best electric bikes for seniors. All these bikes work perfectly well in the real world from handling, accelerating to braking.

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